4 reasons why you should outsource your legal transcription needs

Sese Hang Limbu
December 2022

4 reasons why you should outsource your legal transcription needs

Legal transcripts are helpful for lawyers and attorneys alike to dissect cases, highlight important events and share case histories with others.

Yet, they face one constraint: in-house transcription is expensive and time-consuming.

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Luckily, you can offload this work to experts. Outsourcing your legal transcription can give you the following benefits:

1. Save Time by Taking Off the Workload

If you let your junior lawyers or paralegals handle transcription, it will increase their workload and consume their time. Transcribing hours of audio/video is not only physically taxing, it can also be emotionally draining for your employees.

Transcription companies are experts at what they do and can deliver transcripts, with reasonable pricing.

Consider going with an experienced company that provides reasonable pricing and faster turnaround time.

2. Let the Experts Handle Your Transcription

The next time you have a dilemma about whether you should do the transcription in-house or outsource it, imagine a client of yours telling you that they want to fight their case by themselves.

If that sounds ridiculous to you, then doing transcription in-house should feel similar. A single error or not having the transcripts on time can jeopardize your case.

Just like you are the law expert, transcription companies are experts at using people, processes, and technology to do legal transcription at scale.

3. Increase Your Efficiency

When you outsource transcripts, "I don't have time" no longer becomes an excuse for not having all the transcripts at hand. You and your legal team aren't spending critical billable hours doing unproductive work.

Imagine a scenario where you have just hours before an important case hearing. Listening to hours of audio is not going to be efficient at all.

Transcripts allow you to organize, search and highlight data more efficiently than from a recording and you will always be ready with skimmable documents that you can share.

Reduct provides accurate AI-powered and Human transcription.
Try Transcribe by Reduct →

4. Customizable Formatting

A legal transcript isn't just the text of what is spoken. Details useful in building a case and presenting evidence- like timestamps, speaker labels, and [inaudible] and [crosstalk] tags- are needed in a proper legal transcript.

You can get your legal transcripts formatted in a way that benefits your workflow the most. Legal transcription companies can also store your data on the cloud and make it accessible from your smartphone.

They also allow you to easily print your transcripts so that you can carry them in a physical file.

Also, check out Things you should consider while choosing a transcription service.

Ready To Outsource Your Legal Transcription Needs?

Outsourcing your legal transcription will give you the benefits we mentioned above, but only if you choose the right partner.

With 16,000+ hours of audio transcribed, Reduct is one of the veterans in the field of transcription. Get in touch with us and we can discuss how we can help fulfill your legal transcription needs.

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