5 reasons Why You Need AI-Based Legal Transcription Services

Sese Hang Limbu
December 2022

5 reasons Why You Need AI-Based Legal Transcription Services

AI has wedged itself into various industries, including the legal sector. The greatest impact can be seen in the field of legal transcription.

This article will explore AI in legal transcription and discuss why you should explore AI-based legal transcription services. We will also discuss what AI brings to the table for legal professionals who need legal transcription services.

AI in Legal Transcription

Transcribing audio recordings of legal proceedings into written documents is a long and hard process. It requires a high level of accuracy and attention to detail that only humans have been able to offer.

In recent years, AI has revolutionized legal transcription by automating much of the process, reducing errors, and saving time.

Automated Transcription produces instant transcription with the help of speech-to-text technology. It relies on Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) machines which are based on AI. By using machine learning algorithms, we’re now able to analyze audio recordings and convert them into written text in realtime.

AI-powered ASR learns to recognize and transcribe specific accents, dialects, and legal terminology, making it well-suited for use in the legal industry.

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Automated Transcription also assists human transcribers and legal transcription services by providing them with real-time transcription assistance. Transcribers can now focus on transcribing the most important and challenging parts of the audio recording while AI handles the rest.

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5 Reasons Why You Need AI in Legal Transcription Services

1. Save cost

Using automated transcription powered by AI is cheaper than opting for manual transcription by a human. For instance, Reduct’s AI transcription service costs $.025/min while the equivalent human transcription cost 4 times that.

2. Save time

Automated transcription is considerably faster than manual human transcription. As soon as you finish uploading a recording, you can get a transcript in a matter of minutes. A faster turnaround time means greater productivity.

3. Efficiency

With Reduced costs and less time consumption, your workflow efficiency will automatically increase.

You can block a fixed time in your schedule for uploading your media, analyzing it and downloading the entire transcript, or filtering just the relevant ones for your case. Machines work 24x7, and don’t take holidays, so you can rest assured that your transcripts will arrive in a fixed timeframe no matter the time of day or time of year.

4. Accuracy

Based on the quality of audio/video recordings, it can provide as accurate transcripts as humans, if not better. Moreover, legal transcriptions services train their speech-to-text engines with specific legal terms so they are able to identify them and transcribed them correctly.

5. Customization

AI-based solutions provide you with more options for customization. You can choose between various file types, and include various on-demand templates according to your need.

Additionally, a web-based platform means that your transcripts is accessible anytime, regardless of time differences.

Reduct provides accurate AI-powered and Human transcription.
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Win at legal documentation with AI transcription

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