Things to Consider While Choosing a Transcription Service

Sese Hang Limbu
November 2022

Things to Consider While Choosing a Transcription Service

As demand for audio and video transcription continues to rise, various transcription services have emerged. With so many options available, choosing the right one can be tricky. Based on your need for transcription, one service can be better than the other.

So how can you select the best transcription service that meets your needs?

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Here are a few things you should look into:

1. Quality/ Accuracy

If there is one factor you should never compromise on while choosing a transcription service, it’s quality. Various transcription services exhibit different certifications as an acknowledgment of their quality service. Some of them also provide free transcription trials for you to check if their quality standards are satisfactory.

💡 Tip: Scan customer testimonials and try out free trials, if provided, to test their quality standards.

2. Pricing

Research the standard transcription price for your industry to get an idea of the cost. Various transcription services also offer you a quote based on your requirements. Pricing can vary depending on a few factors:

  • Audio/video quality (background noise, speech clarity, accent, et cetera)
  • Industry-specific requirements
  • Personalized requirements (specific formatting, structure, and other requirements)
  • Turnaround time
  • Work complexity

💡 Tip: Request a quote from different transcription services and compare their pricing. A cheaper rate is alluring, but make sure they don’t compromise on quality over price. Inspect their customer testimonials and accuracy. For instance, an offer of 99% accuracy for $1 per minute of transcription is a great catch.

3. Faster Turnaround Time

It is a safe bet to choose a company that can provide fast delivery services if required. A faster turnaround time is often a sign of an experienced company that has an efficient process. They deliver quality transcription quicker because of the tested workflow and process.

💡 Tip: Consider looking for a transcription service that provides you with immediate AI transcription while you wait for human transcription.

4. Data Privacy and Security

Weak data security and confidentiality can make your data prone to outsiders. Depending on the content of your transcript, any data breach can prove costly.

For instance, a single breach while transcribing legal and medical data can be disastrous. There is no room for weak security as it can have grave consequences. Besides, it is reassuring to have your data secured even if you’re not working with medical or legal data.

💡 Tip: Look for any guaranteed assurance of confidentiality, like compliance or a license, while choosing a transcription service. Also, ensure that there is an NDA for the transcriptionists and employees.

5. Experience

Does a company with 16,000+ hours of completed transcription sound reassuring? Of course, it does. A transcription service that has been in business for a long time indicates that they are doing something right. More often than not, it is a sign that the company has been able to deliver quality service.

💡 Tip: Consider going with an experienced service provider. It is an assurance that the company will not deliver service below par.

Choose the Best Fit for Your Needs

There is no shortage of transcription services in the market, so do not settle for less. Make sure the transcription service can cater to all your needs. Consider all the factors discussed, before deciding on a service.

At Reduct, we are all ears to your needs and requirements. With 16,000+ hours of transcription under our belt, we are one of the most experienced companies in the industry.

At Reduct.Video, we are all ears to your needs and requirements. With 16,000+ hours of transcription under our belt, we are one of the most experienced companies in the industry. At $1 per minute of transcription and a guarantee of 99% accurate transcripts, offers don’t get better than this!

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