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Tags, Tagging, & Taxonomies

Work with tags and create effective taxonomies for your projects & organizations. Find a right balance between the general and the specific, leaving room for emergent themes.

A Close Read of a Tag Group

Discover some approaches to setting up your tags with this illustrative example. Learn tricks to adapt to your context, and optimize your workflow for ease of use.

Pick and Mix- Taxonomy Fragments to Inspire Your Tagging Structure

Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to build on an existing taxonomy, these example tag groups provide a range of starting points and approaches.

[Advancing Research 2022] What Design Research can learn from Documentary Filmmaking

Documentary filmmakers Bas and Charley share their experience of using lessons from documentary filmmakers in design research to build “stories that travel”.

How to Share Research Findings from Interview Videos

Editing interview videos in traditional video editors is a time-consuming challenge, but we make it easy to share research findings from your interview footage.

The Top 3 Dovetail Alternatives For Researchers

Dovetail is a go-to tool for researchers to do video analysis & editing — though there are drawbacks to this tool. Here are some Dovetail alternatives to consider.

Democratizing UX research: Hard-won lessons from Google, Stripe, and Thumbtack

Reduct.Video was thrilled to host our second Research, Camera, Action! on democratizing UX research. The research community, including research leaders from Google, Stripe, Thumbtack and Curiosity Tank discussed hard-won lessons on this controversial yet important topic.

Four benefits of learning research skills for product designers

Product designers often form the interface between a dedicated research team and engineering teams that build the features users want. Learning research not only enables them to do their own research, but also helps them take research from being informative to impactful.

How to train non-researchers to do user research

Training non-researchers to do research is a key lever in democratizing research. Learn the most important lessons the Thumbtack research team learned while training 180 participants from 4 orgs across the company.

Making strategic impact with research - Slowing down research to make the team move faster

To have more impact as a function, researchers need to be deliberate about when to move fast and when to slow down. Learn how the research team at Thumbtack manages this conundrum, and makes more impact on the product as a result.

Journey Mapping ​💕​ Storytelling — lessons from a decade of practice

Journey Maps can be extremely helpful to align an organization around customer needs. Learn from Jim Tincher, Mapper in Chief at Heart of the Customer, how to avoid the basic mistakes of journey mapping, and how video storytelling & journey mapping can create powerful impact together.

5 Myths about democratizing research debunked by the Stripe Research Team

Democratizing research is a polarizing topic in the research community. Learn how the research team at Stripe created a successful democratized research practice and debunked some common myths about democratization.