The Future of Medical Transcription

Sushobhan Bhandari
November 2022

The Future of Medical Transcription

Accurate patient records are important to the future of the medical industry. That is why medical transcription, the typed record of a doctor’s dictation, is increasingly popular.

What was done entirely manually is now done by professional transcription companies with expert transcriptionists and tech-driven processes, speeding up medical transcription.

Further, all doctors have smartphones, so there is no need for a dedicated recording device, making transcription even more accessible.

Read on to learn more about why we think medical transcription will increase in scope and urgency in the future.

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What is the future of medical transcription?

People will continue to get sick and visit doctors. There will always be a need to write a medical report, no matter the illness. The report is electronically stored and forms a part of the patient's permanent medical file.

Over the years, a medical transcriptionist's job description has expanded to include more than just transcription.The market for medical transcription services has been growing steadily over time, as transcriptions are used to create a lot of patient data. This shows the future of medical transcription is secure.

Additionally, improvements in medical transcription have been made due to the unrelenting quest for comprehensive, accurate, and conveniently available patient information, which is possible when experienced medical transcriptionists are hired to do the job.

How does medical transcription help the healthcare industry?

When a patient visits a doctor, the doctor records every detail in an audio file, including the patient's physical state, medical history, lab and pathology results, tests, prescribed medications, and diagnoses.

Not only can the transcribed notes assist with patient care, but they also facilitate speedy payment of medical claims and support medico-legal matters. Here are some of the ways medical transcription helps the healthcare industry.

1. Insurance claim: The billing and coding team uses transcriptions of medical records to bill insurance companies. It's crucial that medical records are accurate for insurance claims.

2. Collaboration between healthcare workers: To offer patients the best course of treatment , doctors from various disciplines need to collaborate. Having a clear and accurate medical record ensures transparency between various practitioners.

3. Support medical staff: Medical transcripts guide nurses and the compounder to administer the proper care and treatment when a doctor is not there. As a result, with precise medical data, nurses or compounders can also offer adequate care in an emergency.

4. Accuracy: Managing patient records and providing care is made simpler by accurate transcription. The transcripts improve the effectiveness of medical professionals while also describing the patient's current health and disease treatment options.

5. Saves lives: The transcribed medical record aids doctors in understanding the patient's present health, the medications provided to them, and a description of the ailment. When the doctors' notes are accurately transcribed, communication between them is easy and can save patients' lives.

What is the emerging trend in medical transcription?

Improvements in computer-generated AI transcripts have created notable developments in the transcription industry. A few emerging trends in the medical transcription business are:
  • Improvements in the voice recognition system have made transcription faster.

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is increasing the demand for medical transcription.

  • Medical transcription is becoming cheaper due to AI alternatives.

Humans are living longer due to modern medicine and technology. More people live through old age, where ailments and medical checkups are expected to increase.

In conclusion, with EMR and data-driven medical strategies rapidly growing, the need for medical transcription is bound to increase, securing the future of medical transcription.

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