[Advancing Research 2022] One Research Team for All – Influence Without Authority

Prabhas Pokharel
April 2022

[Advancing Research 2022] One Research Team for All – Influence Without Authority

When you’re working in an organization as complex as Intuit, there are many different research teams. These teams are separated and belong in different parts of the organization. And it’s never just the research teams that are doing research and collecting feedback - marketing, customer success, service design- these teams also deliver qualitative research work.

As a researcher, how do you break these organizational silos and enable the research team to be truly seen in a large organization? At this year’s Advancing Research conference, Reduct’s co-founder Prabhas Pokharel sat down with Joanna Vodopivec, principal design researcher at Intuit, to talk about how she led creative initiatives at Intuit to to influence without authority, and how you can do it too.

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About the Speakers:

Joanna Vodopivec is a Principal Design Researcher at Intuit, working in the TurboTax assisted area. She has several years of human-centered design experience and is passionate about bridging organizational silos. She believes every business venture should start with empathy for the users, their stories, and needs. In her work as a researcher, she strives to develop meaningful and solution-driven insights that help businesses create products and services that not only meet people’s needs but also delight them. Prior to joining Intuit’s San Diego office, she worked at Groupon and BMO Harris Bank, and holds a Masters in Design Methods degree from ID, Institute of Design in Chicago.

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