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How Public Defenders Use Video Evidence to Deliver Justice

Learn how public defenders benefit from Reduct, a text-based video editing tool, to review, highlight and edit digital evidence. Client testimonials included!

Digital Evidence: Power of Video for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Enhance digital evidence in criminal defense with Reduct. Explore real-life application, case preparation, courtroom advantages & post-trial benefits.

Protect PII in Body Cam Footage: Guide to Police Video Redaction

Learn how to protect PII and evidence with our guide on using Reduct to redact police body cam videos.

4 Strategies to Reduce Cost for Your Next Deposition

Learn how to save money on your next deposition. Use these 4 effective strategies to reduce costs without compromising quality. Read now

Fundamentals of Deposition Transcription: Unlock 4 Expert Tips

Unlock expert tips on deposition transcription to ensure accurate and professional transcripts for your legal needs. Learn from the pros today!

Top 5 Legal Transcription Services: Ultimate Comparison 2023

Compare top legal transcription services by price, turnaround, accuracy & features. Reviews of Rev, Verbit, GoTranscript, Trint & Reduct.Video.

Video Exhibits for Public Defenders

Discover effective ways for public defenders to create and present video exhibits by leveraging tools like Reduct.

3 Steps to Create a Searchable Repository of All Your Digital Evidence

Learn how public defenders can use Reduct’s searchable repository to find spoken words from victims, suspects and witnesses in hours of digital footage.

3 Ways to Review And Utilize Body Cam Footage More Efficiently

Learn how Reduct can make eDiscovery easier and help you work more efficiently with body-worn camera (BWC) footage.

4 easy ways to handle body cam footage faster using Reduct

Discover 4 simple techniques to speed up the body-worn footage process with Reduct for more efficient investigations and reviews.

Why Redact PII from Legal Transcripts?

Redact PIIs from legal transcripts and protect your confidential data.

Automated Transcription for Depositions- Top 3 Benefits

Automated transcription for deposition is now affordable & accurate. Learn how AI transcription can save you time and money in legal proceedings.