6 Things To Consider Before Selecting a Medical Transcription Service

Sushobhan Bhandari
December 2022

6 Things To Consider Before Selecting a Medical Transcription Service

Selecting a medical transcription service can be daunting. There are too many options and at a glance, all medical transcription services may look similar.

In this article, we will look at parameters to consider before picking the right one for your medical practice.

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1. High and Reliable Accuracy Levels

Compromising accuracy in medical transcription endangers a patient's life and can invite unwanted lawsuits. A high and consistent accuracy shows the reliability of that transcription service. Before selecting, make sure they provide a free trial.

Look for the company's reputation via client testimonials and reviews. Leading medical transcription services guarantee an accuracy of 98% and higher.

2. Volume capacity

Before selecting a transcription service, you need to know how many audio files you will need to transcribe. If you need a large number of audio files transcribed in a short period, find a service that can accommodate your volume needs. Avoid outsourcing to freelancers.

A company that cannot assist with your high-volume demand can be problematic.

3. The Number of Users

You also need to know how many doctors in your practice will be using the transcription service. Some transcription services charge recurring seat-based pricing on top of per-minute transcription charges.

If every doctor need service access, make sure it offers security features such as encryption and password protection. It avoids data breaches from unauthorized individuals.

4. Turnaround time

Turnaround times can vary from 3-4 hours to weeks. You can usually get a lower rate if you are ready to compromise on turnaround time.

At Reduct, we can deliver medical transcripts done and reviewed by humans within 24 hours of uploading your recording.

5. The Price of the Service

Even a single patient's records can span hours of audio. Getting all of it transcribed can cost you a lot of money if the service charges an exorbitant price per minute of audio.

Find a transcription service that offers budget-friendly rates while not compromising quality. You can also contact them for a bulk discount if you know that you're going to do large volumes.

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6. HIPAA Compliance and Security Safeguards

Make sure that the service you choose is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant. This law protects the privacy of patient's health information and ensures data security through the use of firewalls, encryption, password protection, and more.

Make an Informed Decision

You'll want to document WHY you made the decision to choose a particular transcription service provider. It's helpful to make a comparison excel sheet of all the parameters we've discussed above.

But don't just depend on numbers to make the decision. After all, the critical health data of your patients is at stake. Referrals from fellow practitioners can be super helpful here.

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