Best Video Transcription Software (& Tools to Use Your Transcripts)

Best Video Transcription Software (& Tools to Use Your Transcripts)

Choosing a reliable video transcription software isn’t as straightforward as it seems: there are different transcription techniques and many different software options. A key step to knowing what tool makes the most sense for you is understanding the transcription technique each tool uses.

In this article, we’ll explain the differences between the two transcription types — computer vs. human — and review 8 popular video transcription software so you can find the best one for you and your team.

Reduct.Video is a video transcription software AND easy video editing tool designed for UX and market researchers, filmmakers, brand storytellers, and marketers (and really anybody who needs a simple way to edit their video content). Get a Free Trial to try Reduct.Video’s transcription and editing tools yourself!

The Two Transcription Techniques (And When to Choose Each)

Before we dive into our list of products, let’s first explain the two types of transcription — computer and human — and how to choose between the two options.

Computer transcription refers to automatic transcripts that are generated by a computer (which is why computer transcription is often called automatic transcription, “machine transcripts” or “AI transcription”). These transcripts are delivered back to you super fast and are approximately 85% accurate.

Choose computer transcription if…

  • You’re using transcripts just for your own reference and you don’t mind that your transcript isn’t polished or needs some manual edits
  • You want a cheaper option
  • You need your transcript back ASAP
  • You’re working with really clear, good quality audio

Human transcription is done by a team of human transcriptionists. These transcripts are about 99% accurate, but because these transcripts are done manually, it can take a day (or more, depending on the transcription provider) to get your transcript back.

  • You need a highly-accurate transcript that you can trust (no second-guessing needed)
  • If you need to share the transcript with other team members or stakeholders who weren’t in the interview
  • You want to use your polished transcript to add captioning to videos
  • Your video has a lot of background noise
  • Your video has multiple speakers, speakers with accents
  • You work in a high-jargon industry and your video recordings are heavy on technical terms and industry-specific language

1. Reduct’s Video Transcription Services

There are certain cases when computer transcription works, and other cases when you need human transcription; so, unlike most video transcription services, we offer a high-accuracy option in both categories.

Reduct’s Computer Transcription: Our computer transcripts are ready in minutes and ~85% accurate, and they’re editable so you can correct any inaccuracies. Our built-in text editor will help you find spelling and grammatical errors so you can quickly fix them.

Reduct’s Human Transcription: Our human transcripts are over 99% accurate, and we offer the most affordable overnight human transcription service available — charging only $1.67 per minute of audio/video. Our turnaround time is less than 24 hours, no matter the length of the audio/video you upload. We also make our human transcripts editable if you want to make any tweaks.

We provide all of our users instant computer transcripts when they upload their video or audio files. So even if you opt for human transcription, we’ll still send you a draft computer transcript to review in the meantime. (Then, once your human transcript is ready, the transcript will automatically update with the new text.)

Try Transcribe by Reduct →

How Reduct Achieves a 24-Hour Turnaround Time on Human Transcripts (No Matter the Length of Your Video)

After you upload your video into Reduct, we break it up into 5-minute chunks and send each chunk off to a different professional transcriber.

Once we get each chunk of your transcript back, our software uses voice recognition and machine learning-based algorithms to identify and assign speaker names. (Even though human transcribers identify speakers within the chunk of audio they’re assigned, our algorithm matches up speakers throughout the entire transcript so you have a polished final product.)

Note: Reduct’s AI algorithms will match up speaker names in transcripts regardless of the transcription option you choose. You can edit speaker names in both computer and human transcripts if you spot any inaccuracies.

Then, we deliver the transcript back to you!

Our method for human transcription not only speeds up the transcription process, but it also provides enhanced security since no single transcriber can access your entire video file.

Reduct Includes a Rich Toolset to Analyze, Tag, Organize, & Share Your Videos and Transcripts

If you just need to transcribe a couple of videos here and there, then a standard transcription software could work just fine. But we’ve noticed that most people who need to transcribe video need to transcribe a lot of videos, and they actually need to use their transcripts to accomplish other tasks, specifically:

  • Identify, analyze, and share great quotes and insights from the transcript
  • Then (and this is big) cut the video down to just the useful clips they highlighted in the transcript
  • Organize, label, and categorize potentially hundreds of video files and their transcripts
  • Find patterns of ideas in the transcripts of multiple videos (dozens or more)

This kind of analysis across many videos and their transcripts is common for people who process large amounts of video: documentary filmmakers, user researchers, marketers analyzing customer interviews; and today, there are few tools that help you do this. It’s done haphazardly and editing the actual video down to useful clips, in particular, is a tedious process.

So we’ve built Reduct to be a video to text transcription software that also helps you do those other things. Plus, Reduct integrates with other software, so you can sync our system with your other tools to complete any video project.

Easily Store, Download, & Share Your Videos

Reduct doubles as a video asset management (VAM) tool, so you can store all of your videos and their transcripts right in Reduct and easily find/access them whenever you need. You can also download your video files back to your computer.

GIF here showing download or share options

We also give you simple (but powerful) sharing options so you can easily share your videos and transcripts with whoever you need.

  • To share videos and transcripts with other Reduct users, add them to the individual video or folder of videos you want to share. Once you give them access, they’ll be able to log in, view, and comment on videos (with commenter access), and download, edit, and share videos (as editor access).
  • If you want to share Highlight Reels and transcripts with people outside of your organization (or really anybody who isn’t a Reduct user), you can just send them a share link! Pasting a share link into modern workplace collaboration tools (whether it’s chat like Slack or MS Teams, or a document like Notion, Coda, or Dropbox Paper) is super easy, and will even auto-embed a preview thumbnail and a transcript snippet.

When viewers click these links, they see not just video, but also an interactive transcript!

Organize and Search Through Hundreds or Thousands of Videos Quickly

If you’re working with a ton of video files, it can be a hassle to search through your entire library of videos every time you need to find something. To improve organization, we allow teams to create project-based folders, and everything in Reduct is easily searchable thanks to Fuzzy Search.

GIF showing Fuzzy Search
  • Project-Based Folders: Create dedicated folders for each of your video projects to organize all of your related video files, transcripts, Highlights, and Highlight Reels. You can use Fuzzy Search to search folders or scan through your entire video library.
  • Fuzzy Search: Fuzzy Search analyzes concepts and themes within your transcript, not just exact keywords, to pull all of the videos, Highlights, and Reels that are relevant to your search. This way, you can search back and find specific quotes or moments in your videos without having to remember exactly what was said.

Edit Video Footage, Pull Video Clips, & Create Video Narratives By Editing Your Video Transcript

Most filmmakers, journalists, and video editors use transcripts to edit down video footage and create engaging narratives, so we built Reduct with easy video editing tools.

GIF showing simple editing features
  • Highlights: Create video clips (a.k.a. Highlights) by highlighting lines of text in your transcript. When you make a highlight, Reduct automatically pulls and saves that section of video as a clip. You can then pull clips into Highlight Reels.
  • Highlight Reels: Create longer video narratives by dragging and dropping video clips into a Highlight Reel. You can arrange clips in whatever order works best, and even insert text slides to add more information and build context between clips. Our software creates seamless transitions between your clips.
  • Strikethrough: Edit out filler words and unnecessary content by striking through text in the transcript. (Don’t worry, the text won’t delete or disappear, so you’ll be able to come back and see what parts you edited out.)
  • Captioning: Add subtitles to your videos by enabling captioning. Our software pulls the text from your transcript so viewers can watch with or without sound and your video is more accessible. (Our users find this so helpful that captioning is on by default. It’s literally no effort — all video edited in Reduct is captioned without even a click from you.)

Use Your Transcripts to Identify Patterns and Insights in Research & Compile Key Findings

We also offer tools to help researchers analyze their transcripts, save important findings, and share their insights with others.

GIF showing tags
  • Highlights: As we mentioned above, you can create video clips in Reduct by highlighting sections of your transcript. Pulling video clips is helpful for researchers who want to share just short clips of their research. For example, if you’re a market researcher and gathering testimonials about a certain product, you can share each testimonial as its own clip.
  • Tags: Add tags to your highlights to categorize your clips and compile similar insights. You can then use those tags to search through your video clips and find all of your research on a particular topic. Our machine-learning-based algorithm will even auto-suggest tags based on both you team’s tagging habits and the text in the transcript to speed up the tagging process.
  • Codebook: Create a codebook of common tags so your team knows how to classify Highlights and organization doesn’t get messy.
  • Adjustable Playback Speeds: Search is amazing when you know what you are looking for. But often, you want to just play back through recordings to get the full picture. In Reduct, you can adjust the playback speed of our video/audio player to get through that review process faster.

To test out our different transcription tools, Get a Free Trial and upload your first video project! During your trial, you have access to our entire suite of features, so you can test Reduct for what you need and see if we’re the best option for your team.


Transcription Options: Computer transcription
Price: Pricing depends on plan and is billed monthly or annually is a good transcription tool for transcribing very clear audio, such as one-on-one interviews or podcasts. It’s a popular option for people who only need to transcribe a couple of videos, and don’t need any tools to use their transcripts, because they offer a free version of their software with just the transcription basics. Reviews of Otter are mostly positive.

On that note, some Otter users aren’t totally satisfied with the software. Many reviews say that Otter’s audio transcriptions are pretty inaccurate and require a lot of editing, especially when there’s more than two speakers or your speakers use a lot of jargon. Otter also doesn’t allow you to save video files within their platform or search through several video transcripts at once.


  • Highlighting and commenting features
  • Search function
  • Storage options for transcripts
  • Simple share links for individual transcripts
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android

All of Otter’s extras only apply to transcripts and audio files - you cannot store or share video in Otter.

3. Temi


Transcription Options: Computer transcription
Price: $0.25 per minute of audio

Temi is a great option for those who want a cheap transcription service since they only charge 25 cents per minute of audio. But be warned, reviews of Temi say that you shouldn’t expect Temi’s transcripts to be error-free. (It is a super cheap transcription software, after all.)

Temi’s software works best when transcribing audio/video that’s free of background noise and considered good quality. In fact, when you upload an audio or video file to Temi, it’ll ask you to confirm that: audio is free of background noise, speakers are close to the microphone, the conversation is clear, and speakers have clear accents. If your audio doesn’t meet those requirements, you’re better off using a different transcription tool.

Temi uses speech recognition to correctly identify and label speakers — but audio with 2+ speakers is a little iffy. Their software allows you to edit transcripts, add custom timestamps to your transcript, and export the file when you’re done.


  • Easy transcription editing features
  • Storage options for transcripts
  • Simple sharing options
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android

4. Trint


Transcription Options: Computer transcription
Price: Pricing depends on plan and is billed monthly or annually

Trint is an automated transcription tool that delivers mostly-accurate computer transcripts back to users in a matter of minutes. All of Trint’s transcripts are editable, and Trint makes it easy to share transcripts with other team members. They have options for individuals, small to medium size businesses, and enterprise companies, but regardless of the plan you choose, you still get access to Trint’s core features.

Reviews of Trint are pretty average — Trint’s rated 3.8 stars on G2, a popular software review site. Most users are happy with the quality of their transcription, but unhappy with the lack of organizational and collaborative features. Reviewers also say that the features Trint does provide can use some updating and the software can be a little glitchy.


  • Highlighting features
  • Search function
  • Storage options for transcripts
  • Simple sharing options
  • Mobile app for iPhone

5. Rev

Rev Transcription Software

Transcription Options: Computer and human transcription
Price: $0.25 per minute of audio for computer transcriptions, $1.25 per minute of audio for human transcriptions

Rev is a transcription, captioning, and subtitling tool, so it’s great if you need all three of those things. (Note: Rev’s services aren’t bundled, so if you want transcription and foreign subtitles, you have to pay for both transcription and foreign subtitles.)

Rev offers plans for individuals and companies of all sizes, and since they’re one of the few transcription services that offer foreign subtitling, it’s a good option if you or your team need to transcribe audio/video in different languages. While Rev does offer captioning and subtitling for videos, they don’t offer users any other tools to use their transcriptions.

Reviews of Rev are somewhat hard to gauge because there are a lot of really good reviews… and really bad reviews. We suggest reading Rev reviews yourself or contacting the Rev team about any questions or concerns before signing up for one of their plans.


  • Tools to trim and cut audio files
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android

6. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe

Transcription Options: Computer and human transcription
Price: $0.20 per minute of audio for computer transcription, $1.95 per minute of audio for human transcription

Happy Scribe offers both computer and human transcription, and it’s a popular transcription software for teams who need multi-language transcription because it accepts video and audio files in 119+ languages. In addition to serving as a transcription tool, Happy Scribe also offers a subtitling tool for teams who want to add captions and foreign subtitles to video.

Happy Scribe promises their computer transcripts in 5 minutes or less and delivers human transcripts back to users in about a day. Reviewers of Happy Scribe say that both the computer and human transcripts are mostly error-free, and in the case that you do have to fix some inaccuracies, the process is easy thanks to their built-in text editor.

Reviews of Happy Scribe are mostly positive, and in comparison to other transcription software, they do provide users with a decent number of extras. However, some reviewers say that Happy Scribe is a little overpriced.


  • Easy transcription editing features
  • Storage options for transcripts
  • Convenient file conversions
  • Simple sharing options
  • Collaborative editing features
  • Mobile app for iPhone

7. Sonix


Transcription Options: Computer transcription
Price: Pricing depends on plan and is billed monthly or annually

Sonix is a transcription and subtitling tool that accepts audio and video files in 30+ languages. Their claim to fame is that they’re the fastest computer transcription software and their computer transcripts are ready in minutes. Reviews of Sonix say their transcripts are pretty much error-free, but reviewers do say you should definitely read through the transcript and polish it off before sharing it with others.

Sonix offers a variety of collaborative tools for teams, and their software integrates with many other tools to improve your team’s workflow. The only thing to note is that some reviewers say that Sonix’s pricing is a little steep because they charge per hour, so if you’re transcribing shorter clips, you may not get your money’s worth.


  • Easy transcription editing features
  • Commenting features for teams
  • Simple sharing options

8. Zoom


Transcription Options: Computer transcription
Price: Included in cost of subscription

Let’s start by saying that Zoom is NOT a transcription software. Zoom is a popular video conferencing software that just recently started offering transcription for Zoom recordings (for Education, Business, and Enterprise accounts). If you only need to transcribe Zoom recordings, you can enable the transcription feature within your account for free (but again, only if you are enrolled in a qualifying account type).

With Zoom’s transcription tool, you receive a computer transcript of your Zoom recording within a day of wrapping up your call. It’s worth mentioning that Zoom’s transcription feature only works for cloud recordings; if you record a video to your computer, you won’t have the option of receiving a transcript.

There aren’t many reviews of Zoom’s new computer transcription feature, and Zoom doesn’t provide a ton of information about it on their website. We suggest getting in touch with Zoom’s team to learn more about their transcription tool and how to set it up.


  • Storage options for transcripts and Zoom recordings
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android

Start a Free Trial of Reduct & Begin Working With Your Transcripts

There are dozens upon dozens of audio and video transcription software available, but only so many that provide the option of both computer and machine transcription, and tools to utilize those transcripts for other things. So when shopping for the best video transcription software, think about both the type of transcription you need — computer or human — and the tools each software offers to work with your transcripts. Hashing out those details right off the bat will help you compare your options and find the right solution for your team.

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