Why Reduct?

The pain of video editing is a thing of the past. Our text-based video editor empowers anyone who can write a text document to become a video creator.

How It Works

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Drop .mp4, .mov, .avi, or basically any other audio or video file into Reduct. You can seamlessly upload to our cloud platform from any device, any way you’d like—via our web uploader or native app.

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Then, professional human transcribers create high-quality transcripts that are returned to you in under 8 hours—even if your audio is imperfect.

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Reduct aligns the video with its transcript word-for-word, so you can search and edit video instantly, just by interacting with the text.

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Start tagging, highlighting, and commenting on video clips with your collaborators. It’s easy to search for common themes, discover powerful moments, and tell your story in a new way.

It's that easy? What am I waiting for?!
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