Reduct.Video helps hundreds of businesses like Spotify, Facebook, Autodesk, and Superhuman quickly edit hours of recordings into short, shareable videos.

Our all-in-one video transcription and editing platform enables anyone to turn raw video recordings into concise and compelling narratives that deliver empathy and impact, aligning entire organizations around powerful human-centric stories that will help them thrive and grow. By combining video that’s as easy to search and edit as text with a web-based repository to store all of the organization’s video content in one shared space, Reduct eliminates the need to wade through endless recordings.

User researchers, founders, marketers, customer success teams, and other professionals across hundreds of organizations are now able to search, edit, and share video as a part of their daily workflows.

With billions of hours of conversations recorded by businesses everyday, Reduct is on a mission to empower all professionals to quickly edit those hours of video into short, shareable highlight reels.

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Founding Story

Reduct.Video co-founders Prabhas and Rob first met in high school — in fact, Rob was Prabhas' very first friend after he arrived in the USA. They became internationally-ranked Tiddlywinkers, made a documentary film about Napoleon, ran out of math classes, and sued the school district over censorship.

They reconnected a decade later in San Francisco, where Rob was working in an Alan Kay-led lab to imagine the future of computing and developing Gentle, now the industry standard Open Source speech aligner. Prabhas was attending Stanford, where he fell in love with the ethnographically-inspired needs-finding methodology and realized the power of video in authentically representing human stories.

Seeing Gentle, Prabhas realized there could be a whole new way to work with video. Working with time-aligned transcripts would instantly take away the two biggest pain-points as a non-professional editor: 1) the hours it takes to bring a story to life, and 2) the immense complexity of traditional editing software.

So the two got together in a San Jose garage in the Fall of 2017, and created a three-day prototype. Reduct had its first paying customer the following week (by now, many of Sam's IDEO colleagues have used Reduct on projects!) — and the rest is history, still in the making.