About us

Our mission is to allow for richer human communication: people represented with their faces, voices, and emotions intact. To do this, we’ve created a cloud video platform that anyone can use—if you can write a text document, you can search, edit, and share video with Reduct. We aim to create the human record: a searchable, editable repository of lived experience.

We are a year-old four-person team based in a beautiful office in San Francisco’s Mission district. Benefits include all the usual stuff, plus homemade bagels in the morning and sparkling conversation into the evening. Oh and, we’re hiring!

Our founders

Prabhas Pokharel

Prabhas Pokharel is Harvard CS alum and a designer/researcher trained in the Stanford d.school's Design Thinking methodology. Prabhas is driven by the power of stories and a desire to enable everyone to understand and work with raw human experience.

Robert Ochshorn

Robert Ochshorn is a Cornell CS alum, former MIT & Harvard research assistant, and former media-interface researcher at the Alan Kay–initiated CDG Labs. Rob develops speech recognition and language processing techniques that empower rather than automate.


As a Front-end Engineer, you will lead implementation of our online video editing interface that feels like magic even in its MVP state. Ideally, you can make the browser do a backflip and land on its toes, all without dropping a frame. Experience with large front-end codebases and mobile apps is a plus and love of implementing good design is a must.

We are hiring an experienced Enterprise Sales Lead to cultivate business relationships, structure our sales process and pipeline, and over time set up and mentor a sales organization. Past experience is a must—along with an openness to new ideas. Ideal candidate has AE experience selling five-figure contracts and is eager to cultivate a sales team from scratch.

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