3 Ways Transcription Can Support Market Research

December 2022


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3 Ways Transcription Can Support Market Research

Focus groups and one-on-one interview recordings can be cumbersome to work with, even for the most experienced market researcher.

It is hard to remember all insights gathered from an interview. It is even harder to find that snippet from a recording. This is where transcription can help the cause.

Textual content is easier to skim and is searchable. So, the transcription of the recordings can benefit your market research efforts.

Here are three ways how transcription can support your market research:

1. Save time and money

Transcription can lessen the time you spend watching or listening to the recording. Market researchers can focus on finding insights rather than navigating through your recordings.

A written document enables a faster understanding and access to the information best for the client report.

Along with saving time, transcripts also cut your costs. Research recordings can be many hours of interviews, which take up a lot of time and personnel to review. With automated market research transcription, you can cut down the need for extra personnel to review the recordings.

Outsourcing your transcription needs can save a lot of time for your internal team.

2. Never miss a beat

Focus group interviews involve many speakers giving their insights. You can choose to record the session to save time, but many speakers mean people talking over each other, with difficult accents and jumbled audio. Missing out on valuable insights due to unclear audio can be costly.

Transcription can help your team save time and effort by not having to listen to playbacks. The market researcher can focus on the interviews rather than taking notes and breaking the flow of the conversation. You can discover insightful information faster and concentrate on producing reports with transcription.

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3. Simpler note-taking and reporting

IIt is natural for market researchers to take notes of insights that stand out. But manual note-taking can be tedious, time-consuming, and faulty.

Reviewing notes, maintaining quality, and correcting errors take a lot of time. Therefore, recording the session and getting it transcribed is an efficient choice. You can review the transcript faster, highlight important insights and make notes. You can also request the transcription service provider for time stamps and annotations if needed.

Level up your market research

Your market research dictates the future of your company. Any inefficiencies or hiccups along the process can result in your competitors getting a step ahead. Incorporate transcription in your market research and outsource the service with Reduct.

Reduct offers a single repository for your recordings and transcription. Advanced features like tagging and sharing can help researchers highlight and find insightful moment, with little effort.

Let the professionals handle your transcription needs. Outsource the tedious work and focus on the work that increases your productivity.

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