Accuracy in Human Transcription- What It Is & Why It Matters

November 2022


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Accuracy in Human Transcription- What It Is & Why It Matters

Who doesn’t want an error-free document? Of course, everybody. Writing documents with errors can alter the context of the text and mislead readers. From research papers to marketing content in social media, everybody wants error-free text. Moreover, increased demand for online interviews and meetings has made transcription an in-demand tool.

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A patient in Alabama died when her doctor accidentally dictated 10 times the required dose. This shows the gravity of the necessity for accurate transcription.

In simple words, writing EXACTLY what has been said in a recording file is considered an accurate transcript. To read the replica of what was said is crucial, especially in the legal and medical professions. In cases of inaccurate transcription, it can seriously impact the careers and lives of the people involved.

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What Does Transcription Accuracy Mean?

AI cannot comprehend more than the data that is fed into the system. As the renowned data scientist Nick Burns once said, “No matter how good your AI models are, they are only as good as your data.”

Similarly, humans are all about learning and understanding different incidents and experiences. Contrary to AI’s speech-to-text, human transcription is carried out by people who listen to the audio before turning it into text. Cases where humans provide more accuracy:

  • Multiple speakers
  • Where the research is needed
  • Heavy accent and fast speakers
  • Use of technical words or abbreviations

How Long Does It Take for a Human to Transcribe One Hour-long Audio?

The simple answer to this question is; it depends. There is no doubt that professional transcribers can overcome some of the obstacles faster than the average person. However there are still a few hurdles that determine the time taken to complete a one-hour transcription. Some of the factors that can determine the turnaround time are:

  • Transcription speed
  • Quality of the audio/video
  • Accents
  • Number of speakers
  • Background Noise
  • Potential Research

The more factors that play in your audio, the longer it’s going to take. So the best option would be to hire a professional transcription company that ensures accuracy. Professional transcribers allow businesses, nonprofits, and governmental bodies to keep correct records, enhance training, comply with regulations, create new products, and increase sales.

Human Transcription: How It Works at Reduct

An overview of Reduct’s human transcription process

  1. Send us your recording file (video/audio). Upload your file via URL on the web or from your computer/phone.
  2. Reduct consists of AI and human transcription with upto 99% accurate transcripts.
  3. You’ll receive your transcript, which you can then use our interactive features to review, edit, and annotate. Share and export in the format of your choice.

Reduct.Video has 100+ freelance transcribers with expertise in transcription. We divide your files into segments and pass them to different transcribers to maintain security and to get your work done within a reasonable time.

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