How People.AI Drives Account Renewals by Sharing Customer Feedback on Video

Heather Lohmann

November 2020


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How People.AI Drives Account Renewals by Sharing Customer Feedback on Video

B2B customer success teams wear a lot of hats. Not only are they responsible for making sure their users are successful, they must also constantly demonstrate to account stakeholders and decision-makers the value they're providing in order to drive account renewals, and ensure internal product teams build roadmaps with the most pressing customer needs and challenges in mind. It turns out, one of the most effective and efficient ways to connect the dots between all of these responsibilities is simple: capture and share your customer feedback on video.

Because they saw the potential of communicating customer love with direct-from-the-user video, this is exactly how the customer success team at People.AI approached their retention strategy.

Before we dig into the full story, let’s get a quick intro to People.AI (courtesy of a video highlight reel, of course):


Like many customer success organizations, the People.AI team understood the importance of communicating the value of their product to key decision-makers and executives, but struggled to do so at scale:


While the People.AI team understood that using video could help the customer success function scale user-centric communication while also creating more impact...


...there was one major roadblock that prevented them from implementing video as part of their customer communication playbook — it took up a lot of time. This was the case for both Oleg and Ian Rice, another teammate responsible for sales and renewals:


Sharing Customer Feedback on Video Highlight Reels Inspires Action, Speeds Up Account Renewals & Reduces Churn


The People.AI CS team needed a way to make video editing less complicated so they could efficiently weave together narrative highlight reels of customer love, and share that positive user feedback with key decision makers to make the strongest case possible for renewals.

Enter: Reduct.Video

We partnered with Oleg and the People.AI team to make editing video as easy as editing text, cutting down the time it took to locate and edit down magical moments in customer conversations from days to minutes...


...and enabling them to use easily weave together more impactful, and short-but-super-sweet, video highlight reels to share with decision-makers:


But enough from us — let’s hear a few examples of this strategy in action, direct from Oleg and Ian.

Here’s Oleg on how People.AI cemented a renewal for an enterprise customer account at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic — a time when discounts galore were being requested (if not demanded) by many businesses — by weaving together video highlight reels of different users talking about how they used and loved the product:


“We used Reduct to distill 100 hours of video into that small reel, and the [procurement finance teams] just didn’t have any more leverage over us because they just watched hundreds of their revenue generating leads raving about the product...and we renewed the multi-million dollar contract with zero discount.”

Here, we have Ian on the impact of kicking off a 1-hour executive renewal meeting with a 3-minute customer love video highlight reel:


“The video was the ultimate, irrefutable proof of what the [team] had said, so there was no way for the senior executive to dispute what the users were thinking, how they're using it, what the use cases were, because it was documented in video by the user saying it...We secured a 3-year renewal where they paid up front.”

And last but not least, here’s Oleg on how People.AI used highlight reels to not only drive an enterprise customer renewal, but to also attract, inspire, and empower even more power users and product champions within that organization:


“We sent...this video to people who are barely using...the product, and hearing...other users...raving about People.AI [and] we started getting more...inbound requests to use the that's how we recruited more...supporters across the organization. And in the end we showed this video to decision-makers and that's how we got a positive response.”

People.AI Trusts Reduct.Video to Help the Customer Success Function Meet Its Goals

By aligning transcripts with video to simplify the editing process, Reduct enables People.AI’s customer success team to easily weave together video reels that highlight glowing moments of customer love, spanning across their vast user base. As a result, People.AI has literally rewritten its retention playbook, driving renewal after renewal and finding more efficient — and customer-centric — success.

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