How to Create Video Snippets Instantly with Transcripts

Peggy Pan
April 2022

How to Create Video Snippets Instantly with Transcripts

Quicktime and iMovie are two popular software to create video snippets from footage because they come free with most computers and are easy to use. However, the process to make video snippets with these software is tedious because you have to:

  1. Review your video footage to find the moments you want to clip, and note down the corresponding timestamps.
  2. Upload your recording to your video editing software.
  3. Review your footage and make precise cuts on the timestamps you noted (this is where things get complicated, because if you don’t clip footage at the exact right moment, your snippet may not flow right or sound choppy when combined with other video snippets).
  4. Repeat step 3 until you’re done clipping and all snippets look and sound good.
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Reduct streamlines this process with interactive video transcripts that let you clip and edit footage just by editing the transcript. We provide fast online video transcription, and once your transcript is ready, you can review footage and instantly make video snippets by highlighting sections of transcript.

Then, you can edit snippets by striking through unwanted words or phrases, add captions to snippets, drag and drop snippets into longer highlight reels, and repurpose snippets for all of your digital projects.

In this post, we explain how to use Reduct’s text-based video editing platform to create video snippets quickly and easily (no video editing experience required). Then, we’ll show you how to use video snippets in Reduct so you can transcribe, edit, and transform video footage all in one platform.

Reduct’s transcript-based approach to video editing enables non-video editors to work with their recordings and use video clips in digital projects, and it lets professional video editors simplify rough cut video editing to shave time off their workflows. Start a free trial to see how you can use Reduct to edit recordings and create video snippets and highlight reels.

Making Video Snippets in Reduct: Transcribe Footage & Highlight Your Transcript

There are two simple steps to create video snippets in Reduct:

1. Upload your recording and choose your preferred transcription option.

Reduct accepts all file formats and codecs; you can upload and store all of your recordings on our cloud-based platform.

Upon upload, our artificial intelligence (AI) automatically begins transcribing your video to text Computer transcripts are available for review in only a couple of minutes, but you can also opt for our human transcription service if you have unclear or “hard-to-transcribe” footage.

Human transcription guarantees better accuracy (99%) for recordings because professional transcriptionists are able to work around background noise and speakers who are hard to hear or understand (i.e., speakers who use a lot of slang or jargon, speakers with heavy accents). We promise overnight delivery for human transcripts, but transcripts are usually ready in a couple of hours. We offer the most affordable professional transcription service starting at $1.67 per minute of audio.

You’ll receive a notification when transcription is complete so you can kick off video analysis and editing right away.

2. Review your transcript and highlight text to pull clips.

We provide interactive transcripts to make the review process easier. You can click around transcripts and instantly play back that portion of video, search for spoken words in videos, and leave notes in transcripts for later. We display your recording alongside the transcript so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of timestamps as you go.

While you review, you can highlight transcript text to pull video clips. Reduct automatically creates video snippets as you highlight text — you don’t have to make precise cuts or play back footage to make sure it flows smoothly, we take care of that for you so snippets never sound choppy.


Then, we save all of your video snippets in the Highlights tab so you can search and use clips for any project. Plus, since we store all of your recordings in Reduct, you can access videos and create new video snippets when you need.

What makes Reduct even more convenient than other quick trimming tools is that we have features to help you use video snippets in other projects. For example, researchers can use Reduct to create video snippets from interview recordings, combine clips to gather key takeaways, and share research findings with peers and stakeholders. Video marketers, on the other hand, can use Reduct to caption and share short videos on social media or post highlight reels to their Youtube channel.

Let’s talk about how Reduct lets you optimize video content for different use cases.

Using Video Snippets in Reduct: Edit, Caption, & Combine Video Snippets

You can use Reduct’s editing features to edit single snippets or drag and drop snippets into a highlight reel. We also integrate with professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X, so you can use Reduct to do a modern version of the paper edit (i.e., mark up your transcript, distill your footage down to the important moments, and storyboard the final product) and then push your rough cut to one of these editors to add special effects and make the finishing touches.

Edit & Caption Video Snippets

To edit a video snippet in Reduct, navigate to the Highlights tab, select the video clip you want to edit, and add it to the video maker (a.k.a. Reel Builder).

In the Reel Builder, you’ll see your snippet displayed with the transcript beneath. You can edit words, phrases, pauses, filler words, and other unwanted blurbs from your snippet by striking through the corresponding transcript text. Doing this “deletes” that moment from your snippet, but all strikethrough edits are reversible if you want to rework the snippet later.

We automatically add captions to video snippets by pulling transcript text, and we provide four caption styles so you can customize their appearance. You can also click to disable captions if you don’t wish to include them; that said, captioning videos before sharing or publishing online increases engagement — viewers can quickly watch your snippet without enabling audio, and hard-of-hearing or deaf audiences can interact with your content.

You can also drop text slides in at the beginning or end of your snippet if you want to create an intro or outro. You can add text slides during video creation to include images, screenshots, graphics, or provide extra details for viewers, as well.

Then, when you’re done editing, you can download your snippet or share it directly from Reduct with a custom share link. (More on sharing below.)

Note: You can also download your video snippet’s SRT file, in case you want to add foreign subtitles or closed captions to your clips when you post online.

Combine Video Snippets to Make a Highlight Reel

Make a highlight reel (a.k.a. Reduct Reel) with your video snippets by dragging and dropping video clips into the Reel Builder and putting them in sequence. We create automatic transitions between video clips so you can drop them in whatever order suits you best.

You can compile your snippets from a single recording; for example, if you want to edit Zoom recordings or make a recap video of a webinar event or podcast episode.

Alternatively, Reduct lets you combine video clips from different recordings; this is helpful in cases when you want to collect key insights from customer interviews and share the most meaningful moments from all of your conversations.

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You can edit Reduct Reels in the same way as video snippets: Use the Strikethrough feature to edit out anything you don’t want in the final product, caption videos to improve accessibility, and add text slides to build context and share additional information with viewers.

Then, when you’re done editing, you can download or share your highlight reel. We support 1080p downloads in the mp4 format, which is a very common video format, so you can easily upload videos to a YouTube channel or across social media sites like LinkedIn.

Collaborating With Teams & Sharing Video Snippets

Being an online video editor, Reduct comes with built-in collaboration tools so teams can work on video edits together. We also simplify external video sharing with custom share links and unlimited free guest seats.

Let’s talk about how to share video recordings with team members and other stakeholders.

Add Other Video Editors to Projects

Reduct’s user permissions let you share your videos with other users and control how they can engage with your recordings and contribute to video projects. Select the recordings you want to share, choose the users you want to share them with, and assign each collaborator a role. You can view the four user roles below:

RoleAccessCreate projectUpload recordingTag, Edit and Share videoHighlight and Comment
EditorAll projects
Guest EditorSpecific projects by invitation onlyX
CommenterAll projectsXXX
Guest CommenterSpecific projects by invitation onlyXXX

Then, our Presence feature lets you track what other users are doing in your transcripts/recordings in real-time; this allows everybody to work on edits simultaneously without stepping on each other’s toes.

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Share Video Snippets with Stakeholders

Beyond sharing recordings with teammates, you can send snippets and highlight reels outside of Reduct with custom share links: We assign all edited videos a unique URL so you can enable sharing and paste the link to send videos online.

Share links work on email platforms, messaging apps, and workspace collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Apps — this way, you don’t have to download videos and send large zip files via email. Plus, share links auto-update if you make additional edits to snippets or reels; you don’t have to re-send links and you can guarantee everybody is viewing the most updated version of your video project. You can also customize your video thumbnail before sharing so your video preview is displayed how you like.


When end-users open share links, they’re directed to the Reduct site where we display your video content with the interactive transcript. Providing the interactive transcript along with your video makes it more convenient for others to review your video — end users can leverage the transcript to search for the content they’re interested in, change playback speeds, skip ahead, or watch without sound.

And remember, we offer unlimited free guest seats so you can send assets to anybody, as often as you need, without extra fees.

Bonus: Export Snippets to Professional Video Editing Software for Special Effects

As we mentioned earlier, Reduct integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X, so if you want to make extra edits to snippets or reels, you can export them to these editors and polish up your video content. Advanced video editors like these let you mix and enhance audio, add background music, create text overlays, record voiceovers, and more.

Reduct’s integrations are most beneficial for filmmakers and experienced video editors — not only because those are the professionals who know how to operate sophisticated editing software, but also because these integrations help speed up the entire video editing process. By starting video editing in Reduct, you can avoid tedious trimming (re: the process we outlined for Quicktime and iMovie) and work through that portion of video editing with our easy video editing features. Then, you can focus your energy on the more creative and fun part of video editing with these other tools.

Reduct removes the pain of working with video.

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