How to Create Video Snippets? 3 Easy Steps

December 2023


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Updated by: Sarina Pantha
How to Create Video Snippets? 3 Easy Steps

To create snippets using timeline video editing tools such as iMovie, you need to play and replay your video to identify the exact starting and ending points.

It's time-consuming and frankly, exhausting. It’s especially frustrating when you have to create many video snippets.

In this blog, I will show you a simpler way – using Reduct, you can create video snippets, fast. Even if you have lots of them to create.

But, why Reduct?🤔


Reduct makes creating video snippets incredibly easy. Unlike timeline video editing tools, you make edits in Reduct via text (transcripts).

In addition, you can also:
💬 Include captions in your snippets
✂️ Cut out filler words and unnecessary phrases
🎞 Compile different snippets into a bigger story

Let's show you how!

How to create video snippets? Follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Upload your video and get transcripts automatically

Uploading file to Reduct

Begin by uploading your video. You can add it from your computer or import it from the web (Zoom, YouTube, Google Drive, etc.) via a link.

Reduct automatically generates transcriptions from your video that you can easily scan through.

Step 2. Select parts of the video and add them to reel

Select and add to reel for video snippet

Once you receive the transcript, search for sections that you want for video snippets. Simply select it and add it to the reel.

💡Pro tip: You can skim through the transcript or use the search function to quickly locate the exact phrase you need for creating the snippets. No need to re-watch the whole video.

Step 3: Download and/or share your video snippets

Go to the reel section and review your snippet.

Now, you've got options. You can download your video snippets or create a shared link. Share the URL, and anyone can watch your video snippets right in their browser. No need to download it to their computer.

💡Pro tip: In Reduct, you can make additional edits and refine your video snippets before sharing or downloading them.

Explore the power of text-based video editing.
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Make sure to try these out!

If you want to refine your snippets, you can apply additional features of Reduct to it.

💬 Include captions in your video snippets

Select and add to reel for video snippet

Reduct can automatically add captions to your video snippets, making them more engaging.

People can enjoy your video snippets without audio, making it accessible even for those who are hearing impaired.

✂️ Cut out filler words and repetitive phrases

Select and add to reel for video snippet

You can cut out repeated phrases, and filler words like umms and ahhs from your video snippets. Just select the text, and press “cut”, and Reduct will automatically remove them.

🎞 Compile different snippets into a bigger story

Select and add to reel for video snippet

You can also combine many video snippets from a single or different file to create a larger story, using simple drag and drop feature.

Reduct automatically adds transitions between your snippets so they flow together. You can also rearrange them as you like.

Ready to create video snippets?

With Reduct's easy 3-step process, you can create video snippets fast and in large amounts. Whether you're a lawyer user researcher documentary filmmaker, or marketer, the ability to generate video snippets is at your fingertips.

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Reduct removes the pain of working with video.

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