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Ensuring AI and Large Language Models Tell the Truth

Explore Reduct's approach to integrating AI, ensuring transparency, reliability, and user control for seamless data analysis.

Videoboard Launch Announcement

Reduct is excited to announce the beta launch of the Videoboard for all users. The Videoboard is a digital canvas on which your material and your story come to life.

The Thinking Behind the Videoboard

The Videoboard is a digital canvas on which your material and your story come to life. In this post we share some of the thinking behind the product development.

How to backup your Zoom Cloud Recordings (to free up space when your cloud recording is disabled)

Backing up your old Zoom recordings to free up space on your Zoom cloud storage can be a pain. Learn about how you can back them up to keep using Zoom cloud recording.

Order and Chaos in Synthesis and Storytelling

At the Advancing Research conference, we introduced a new way to work with your interview footage, in moments of order and moments of chaos.

Coming Soon: New Ways of Collaborating on Synthesis & Storytelling

Videoboard is an upcoming tool from Reduct, for analysis & synthesis. It combines transcript-based + visual/spatial synthesis in one tool.

How and Why We're Making Video Editing as Easy as Editing Text

Video is an incredibly impactful communication medium. But it's so hard to edit. Hear from our co-founder Prabhas why (and how) we decided to change that.

Reduct.Video raises $4M to unlock the power of video storytelling for business

We’re excited to announce that Reduct.Video has raised $4M on our journey to unlock the power of video storytelling for business.

Takeaway: an experiment in rapid synthesis

Video highlight reels from Research Camera Action! Democratizing UX Research.

Strategic research impact: Lessons from the first Research, Camera, Action! at Reduct.Video

Just two months ago, we hosted our first quarterly research event called Research, Camera, Action! We designed this evening event for you—and the community—to give you the opportunity to grow your network, gain insight on powerful research techniques, and throw back after a long day at work.

Law enforcement video redaction with Reduct

Apply Reduct's video redaction to blur sensitive information in law enforcement recordings

How to Cover Faces in Videos - 3 Quick & Easy Steps

Learn how to cover faces in a video with no prior video editing experience. Unveil the art of concealing to protect identities or respect privacy.