How to Get Podcast Transcriptions Instantly- 5 Quick Steps

November 2021


2 min read

How to Get Podcast Transcriptions Instantly- 5 Quick Steps

Transcribing your podcast might sound daunting, but if done well, podcast transcription is an easy and effective way to maximize your SEO reach.

A search engine can index text far better than it can index audio. And therefore, a textual format of your podcast audio can help you increase your web traffic. Podcast transcription is not only great for boosting your SEO, but it also makes your podcast accessible by providing your audience with an additional way to consume your content.


⭐    Boost your SEO

⭐    Make podcasts accessible

⭐    Backlink opportunities

⭐    Repurpose transcript into blogs

Follow this guide to transcribe your podcast effortlessly.

  1. Go to Create a free account.

  2. Upload your podcast to Reduct. Additionally, you can also import podcast episodes from the web (YouTube, Dropbox, Drive, etc). You can work with practically any audio or video format in Reduct.

  3. The AI will automatically transcribe your podcast within minutes. AI Transcriptions are usually very accurate and usually get your job done. However, if you are looking for 99% accuracy or if your audio is not very clear, you can opt to upgrade to human transcription and receive human transcription within 4-8 hours.

  4. Once your podcast transcription is ready, click on the download button and select transcript to download as a doc file.

  5. You can now publish your transcript along with your podcast on your website.

You'll find that publishing your podcast transcripts along with your audio files will significantly increase your web traffic, which will help you find new listeners.

Explore the power of text-based video editing.
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A new way to transcribe podcasts in real-time:


If you run your podcast on Zoom or Google Meet, Reduct allows you to copy and paste the meeting URL and have the meeting transcribed in real-time. 😮

You can try Reduct Live Capture without signup.

Our Reduct Transcriber bot can help you transcribe what you speak and populate transcription, word by word, as you and your guest are conversing. The live transcription of your podcast can help you with highlighting interesting and important moments with just a click of a keyboard button ‘h.’


You now never have to spend hours, digging through your whole podcast episodes trying to find interesting ideas.

But wait there’s more:

With Reduct, each word is exactly paired with the specific part of the video.

Click on a word in the transcript and we’ll jump you right to that moment in that video. Moreover, Reduct makes your podcasts searchable. You can locate moments across thousands of hours of content, within seconds. Easily find relevant moments from your Podcasts by using phrases even when the words don’t match exactly.


And the best part? Magically download the video snippet by clicking on the download button when you select or highlight the text. 🤯

You can share these video snippets on your socials and grow your audience.

Your audience deserves more videos, and Reduct is your solution to creating an endless stream of exciting content from your podcast.

Reduct removes the pain of working with video.

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