8 Best Transcription Software for Video in 2023

Peggy Pan and Sese Hang Limbu
February 2023

8 Best Transcription Software for Video in 2023

With video content dominating all digital platforms, it's no surprise that video transcription has become an essential tool for content creators, marketers, and businesses.

Video transcription involves the conversion of audio and visual content into written or typed form, making it more accessible, searchable, and shareable. From vloggers to educators, video transcription can provide a wealth of benefits.

However, with so many video transcription services available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. For this cause, we'll be showcasing the 8 best video transcription services that you can consider for your next project.

Let's dive into the 8 best transcription services for video content.

1. Reduct.Video

Reduct" title="Reduct

Reduct is a video to text transcription software for all your video footage. The AI transcript is 96% accurate while the human transcription option is 99% accurate.

Apart from transcription, Reduct also allows video editing through the transcript; creating reels or snippets; searching, tagging, and highlighting the transcript; and sharing projects with your team members.

Recommended for:

Researchers, content creators, lawyers, and marketers who need to go through large volumes of video content to create snippets of crucial moments or client testimonials. Users who need accurate transcripts with a fast turnaround time.


  • Free Version (2 hours of free transcription)
  • Premium version :
    • Standard ($24 / month per editor paid anually)
    • Enterprise (customizable)
Reduct provides accurate AI-powered and Human transcription.
Try Transcribe by Reduct →

2. Sonix

Sonix" title="Sonix

Sonix offers automated transcription services in 40+ languages. It also includes automated subtitling/captioning for video files, which is particularly useful for anyone who wants to transcribe and translate their video files.

Unlike most of the options in this list, Sonix offers a pay-as-you-go transcription service.

Recommended for:

Anyone who needs transcriptions for translation infrequently (pay-as-you-go option) in multiple languages for captioning/subtitling.


  • Free trial (30 minutes of transcription)
  • Pay-as-you-go transcription for $10 an hour
  • Premium subscription for $5 per hour plus $22 per user/month.
  • Enterprise subscription (customizable)

3. Trint

Trint" title="Trint

Trint is an automatic transcription service that uses speech recognition software to convert audio/video files — including Zoom recordings, podcasts, interviews, and recorded phone calls — to text.

Trint provides transcription services in 30+ 'global' languages (including English) and claims to be up to 99% accurate, depending on audio quality. It includes transcription tools that make videos and audio files searchable, editable, and shareable. Trint also offers automatic translation of English files to other languages.

Although transcripts are interactive to the extent that they match and follow along with the corresponding audio, Trint has no additional features for video editing.

Recommended for:

Journalists, bloggers, and content marketers who need to pull text from transcriptions to create written content, like articles or case studies. Users who may need transcriptions in languages other than English.


  • Free Version (7 days free trial)
  • Premium Version
    • Starter ($48/ month per user)
    • Advanced ($60/ month per user)
    • Enterprise (Customizable)

4. Descript

Descript" title="Descript

Descript provides automatic transcription of all video files uploaded onto its platform. It is not typical "transcription software" — it"s mainly a text-based video editing platform that provides users with an automatic transcript of uploaded video files so that they can use it for video editing.

It is mostly advertised for YouTube videos and podcast editing, and has some advanced features to add special effects before publishing your content online.

Recommended for:

Users who only need to transcribe or edit one video file at a time, as it does not have features to work with multiple recordings at once.


  • Free Version (3 hours of transcription with watermark)
  • Premium Version
    • Creator ($12/ month per editor)
    • Pro ($24/ month per editor)
    • Enterprise (Customizable)

5. Otter

Otter" title="Otter

Otter is an industry standard meeting assistant that writes and summarizes meeting notes in Zoom and Google Meet. Moreover, it also provides computer transcription of a wide range of audio/video files and is popular with individuals and small businesses.

It currently only transcribes files in English. It has recently added live transcription and captioning capabilities for Google Meet.

Recommended for:

Live notes and transcription on Google Meets. Transcription of webinars, Zoom meetings, and interviews with very clear audio.


  • Free version (3 files with a maximum of 30 minutes each)
  • Premium Version
    • Pro ($8.33/ month per editor)
    • Business ($20/ month per editor)
    • Enterprise (Customizable)

6. Happy Scribe

HappyScribe" title="HappyScribe

Happy Scribe offers both automatic transcription and human transcription. It allows you to edit your transcripts and subtitles on their platform. Happy Scribe also claims to offer a 24-hour turnaround on video file transcription.

Additionally, Happy Scribe supports transcription services for over 62 languages.

Recommended for:

Users who need transcription of 'less common' world languages, transcription and/or subtitles.


  • Automatic transcription ($0.20 per audio minute)
  • ‘Human-made' transcription ($2.25 per audio minute)
  • ‘Human-made’ translation ($24.79 per audio minute)

7. Rev

Rev" title="Rev

Rev offers both computer and human transcription, captioning, and subtitling services (providing SRT files) that charges separately for each of them. It"s website mentions a 12-hour turnaround time for transcription, but this is limited to files of less than 30 minutes.

It offers plans for individuals and companies of all sizes, however, transcriptions come with no additional tools to edit transcripts, share transcripts, or use transcripts for video editing.

Recommended for:

Users who need to transcribe and add foreign subtitles.


  • Free Version (2 weeks free trial)
  • Premium Version:
    • Automated Transcription ($0.25 per audio minute)
    • Human Transcription ($1.50 per audio minute)
    • English Closed Captions ($1.50 per audio minute)
    • Global Translated subtitles ($5-$12 per minute)
    • Zoom Livre Captions ($20 per host)


Temi" title="Temi

Temi offers computer transcription at affordable prices. When users upload files to the website for transcription, Temi asks for confirmation that audio/video files are free of background noise and of good quality.

The software uses speech recognition to identify and label separate speakers, and it allows users to edit inaccuracies, add custom timestamps to the transcript, and export the file when they are done.

Recommended for:

Cheap transcription of very clear audio files free of background noise, clear accents in English.


  • Free Version (One transcript under 45 minutes)
  • Premium Version ($0.25 per audio minute)

Making the right choice

When choosing a video transcription software, make sure the software is the right fit in terms of transcription accuracy, pricing, and turnaround time.

Reduct is excellent if you want a transcription service that provides accurate transcription at affordable prices. Our support team is always available to help you with any specific questions or to give you a customized demo that shows the power of Reduct.

Reduct removes the pain of working with video.

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