6 Best Human Transcription Services: Online, Fast, Accurate

Peggy Pan
March 2022

6 Best Human Transcription Services: Online, Fast, Accurate

It can be hard to find a good human transcription service for two reasons:

  1. Many of the best online video transcription brands only offer automatic transcripts.
  2. The brands that do offer human transcription often charge expensive fees and have long turnaround times, so you have to pay more and wait around before you can use your transcript.

As a result, many teams opt for a hybrid solution where they receive an automatic transcript and then edit it themselves. Depending on your recording length, fixing a computer-generated transcript can still take hours of your time. Plus, non-professional transcribers often have difficulty with it and miss certain details.

So, we created a transcription platform that appeals to all users: Reduct.Video provides fast, editable computer transcripts and two different human transcription options. We guarantee 24-hour delivery for human transcripts, regardless of the option you choose, and our prices start as low as $1.67 per minute of audio, making us the most affordable overnight human transcription service online.

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All transcripts in Reduct are interactive and we provide tools to help you use your transcript for other digital projects. For example, we have an entire suite of video text editing tools so you can edit your video just by editing the transcript.

In this guide, we walk through our human transcription services and explain how you can use our other tools to get the most out of your transcripts. At the end, we'll also talk about a few other online human transcription services you may see during your search, and tips on how to compare your options.

  1. Reduct Human Transcription Services
  2. TranscribeMe
  3. GMR Transcription
  4. Scribie
  5. Rev
  6. GoTranscript

Are you looking to transcribe video footage quickly, affordably, and accurately? Request a free trial of Reduct to learn more about our human transcription services and see how you can use your transcript for video analysis, video editing, and collaboration with your team.

Reduct's Human Transcription Services: 99% Accurate, Fast Turnaround, & Most Affordable Rates Online

We offer two human transcription services:

  • Professional video transcription, available for all of our users.
  • Enterprise transcription, for teams and organizations that are working with a lot of footage or need extra security for confidential information.

We provide computer transcripts with every recording so you can review the automated transcript while we work on transcribing your video content. They're always ready in under 15 minutes.

Human transcription is typically recommended over automated transcription services when you:

  • Want a really high-quality transcript from the start to share with stakeholders, use for research, or convert to captions.
  • Have hard-to-transcribe audio — in other words, poor audio quality, audio with distracting background noise, multiple speakers, cross talk, speakers with unclear accents, speakers who talk quietly, or speakers who use a lot of jargon words that computers may not understand.
  • Have long recordings with a lot of speakers and need better assurance that all speakers are labeled correctly (without having to review and re-assign speakers yourself).
  • Are working with sensitive or confidential video or audio files and prefer to have a professional transcriptionist manage that content.

We are able to guarantee 99% accuracy and quick turnaround — regardless of the length of your recording or the human transcription option you choose — by dividing your video file into 5-minute sections and distributing it amongst a team of human transcribers. Here's how our human transcription process works:

Each transcriber prioritizes their piece of the audio. Nobody has access to your entire audio recording. Transcribers identify and assign speakers when they can, and your transcript goes through a few rounds of QC to make sure it's free of errors and spelling or grammar mistakes.

Then, we use artificial intelligence and speech recognition software to piece your transcript back together and double-check all speaker names are assigned correctly before sending your transcript to you. Your transcript will automatically update in your account, replacing the original computer transcript. All human transcripts are done and available within 24 hours of upload, but we can often deliver transcripts back much sooner (about four to six hours).

All Reduct transcripts are completely interactive and editable, too, so you can search your transcript for specific content, skip around, change playback speeds, and reference your footage while you read through the transcript. You can make any changes to the transcript as you go. You can also leave comments on the transcript if you want to add notes or tag other users to collaborate.

Beyond our video transcription services, Reduct has additional tools to help you use your transcript for other things. Our video analysis features make qualitative research, paper edits, and searching for spoken words in videos much easier. Then, we have a suite of video text editing tools to help you distill your footage down to a rough cut and make engaging highlight reels that you can publish online or share with others.

Let's talk about how Reduct lets you use your transcripts in your digital projects more efficiently.

Transcription Tools for Efficient Video Analysis

After you receive your transcript, the first step is to review it with your video content. We've already mentioned some of the ways Reduct makes video analysis easier — interactive transcripts, in-transcript search, adjustable playback speeds, commenting — but we also have Highlights and Tags to save key moments from your recordings and categorize your findings.

The Highlight feature works exactly as it sounds: Highlight words or phrases (i.e., sections of transcript), just like you would in a text document, to mark down what's important. Our software automatically pulls Highlights as video clips and stores them in the Highlights tab. We create seamless transitions so you can make high-quality clips without tracking timestamps and precise cutting.

Then, Tags help you group related Highlights and label insights. For example, if you have customer testimonial videos for a new skincare product, you can add tags for topics like breakouts, skin tone, wrinkles, and eye circles, then categorize clips as you please. You can also create a common language for tags to standardize tagging habits since it's common to see variations in how people label content. Going back to our example above, you might have one user tagging clips about breakouts as "Acne," and somebody else tagging them as "Pimples." To prevent that, you can provide pre-approved tags for collaborators so everyone uses the same word for the same scenario.

In addition, Tags are useful for teams with multiple video files that need to pinpoint patterns between recordings because they can search their video library (or select recordings) by tag and find all of the related clips they have saved. So, if you wanted to find all of your research about how your new skincare cream improves breakouts, you could select all of the recent customer interviews, filter your clips with the "Breakout" tag, and instantly see everything relevant.

Note: Reduct also has robust search capabilities to help you do a more comprehensive comb through your video content. Instead of limiting the search to the exact term or phrase you entered, it also does a "fuzzy" search to find everything that's relevant to your query. For example, if you search "acne," Reduct will pull all of your clips tagged "Breakout," and any other transcript text that mentions acne, breakouts, pimples, zits, or blemishes so you can see everything that's related to your search.

After you're done reviewing and pulling clips, you can edit and share individual Highlights — for example, if you want to share research snacks with teammates or publish snippets on your social media channels — or use video clips to create a highlight reel.

Editing Video Footage by Editing the Transcript

Reduct makes video editing accessible to anybody that has footage: If you know how to edit a text document, you can use Reduct to leverage video in your digital projects (instead of just relaying findings in a slideshow or write-up). Incorporating video in your presentations and digital strategy makes your content more engaging to your target audience, and video can be repurposed and reused so you can do more with your recordings.

There are three easy steps to edit video recordings in Reduct:

1. Pull clips by highlighting text (as we described above).

The first step is to pull video clips from your recording by highlighting transcript text; this clipping is typically done during video analysis as we outlined in the last section. Reduct makes this step easier by automatically creating smooth snippets and transitions: All you have to do is highlight the sections of transcript text you want to clip. After that, all your highlights will be accessible in the sidebar.


2. Drag and drop those clips into the Reel Builder to create a highlight reel.

Then, you can combine those clips into a highlight reel (a.k.a. Reduct Reel) by adding clips to the Reel Builder and arranging them in the order you like. You can change the order of clips as you go and edit until it's perfect. Plus, all Reduct Reels are saved in our platform, so you can update highlight reels at any time.

You can create Reduct Reels by dropping in your clips from a single recording, say if you're editing a Zoom recording or webinar. Alternatively, you can combine video clips from multiple recordings — for example, if you want to compile interview videos from several different meeting recordings into one presentation and relay insights to peers and stakeholders.

3. Clean up the highlight reel by editing out any words or blurbs you don't need, placing text slides, and adding captions.

After you have all of your video clips arranged into a reel, you can:

  • Use Strikethrough to edit out words, phrases, pauses (i.e., anything you don't want) from your video clips. This trimming is as easy as selecting and "deleting" transcript text — again, you don't have to worry about making exact cuts — and it gives your highlight reel a finishing touch.

We should note, Strikethroughs are not permanent removal from your source recording and can be updated and restored if/when you want to make changes.

  • Drop in text slides to add intros or outros, insert images or other graphics, or provide more information within your highlight reel for viewers.
  • Customize video captions by selecting one of four caption styles. We automatically caption videos by pulling transcript text, as captions improve video accessibility and viewer engagement. (But they can be disabled with a click.) We also provide your video's transcript text in an SRT file if you want to download and add subtitles to your reel.

Once you wrap up those final edits and are ready to share your Reduct Reel, you can send it to others directly from our platform via a share link, or download your video to publish it online.

We provide unlimited free sharing, so after you enable sharing for your Reduct Reel, you can copy and paste the URL to whoever, as many times as you want, without extra fees. Share links automatically update when you edit your Reduct Reel, too, so you don't have to re-share if you make changes to your reel.

We also have integrations with professional video editing software — Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X — so you can push your Reduct Reel to these editors to make advanced touch-ups or connect to multi-cam footage. These integrations help video editors speed up their workflow: They can do the tedious clipping, cutting, and combining with Reduct's easy video editing features, and save the advanced software for more creative fine-tuning.

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Collaboration & Sharing

Reduct is a completely web-native transcription and video editing platform. We provide cloud storage for videos and transcripts so teams can use Reduct as a central repository for video recordings. Keeping all of your videos in one online drive improves accessibility and simplifies sharing.

Our collaborative features let you work on video analysis and editing with other people — just add them to your project with user permissions and the role you assign them will dictate how they can edit your video content. Our Presence feature lets you track others' edits in real-time: Collaboration is smoother, editors don't repeat work, and you avoid miscommunications since you can monitor what others are doing as they do it.


Reduct is a video transcription solution that gives you the tools to use your videos and transcripts in your digital projects. Store your recordings in the cloud, improve video analysis, edit videos by editing the transcript, and collaborate with others online. Start a free trial of Reduct to try our professional transcription services.

Tips to Compare Human Transcription Services

It can be tricky to compare video to text transcription services because each provider quotes prices in a different way: Turnaround times, accuracy, and total cost are usually based on the length and quality of your audio or video file.

Some services say they offer overnight transcription, but when you look at the small print, you find this is limited to a certain length of audio/video file (usually up to 30 minutes or an hour). It can take days — often three to five, sometimes up to a week or longer — for human transcribers to turn around longer video files, depending on how many transcribers you have working on your content and their current workloads.

Not to mention, if your recording includes multiple speakers, unclear dialogue, or excessive background noise, transcription may take longer, and you may be charged extra because human transcriptionists have to work around "poor-quality" audio.

So how can you choose a fast and accurate transcription service? We suggest:

  1. Looking for a brand that lets you upload files easily, provides editable transcripts you can begin working on right away (without moving to another platform like Google Docs), and guarantees transcripts back within a specific window (instead of providing vague details on turnaround times).
  2. Avoiding brands that charge extra for poor-quality audio or long recordings. The best transcription services offer set rates and don't nickel and dime you every time you upload files.
  3. Paying attention to the small print and looking out for hidden fees. Some transcription brands offer timestamping, captioning, and subtitling but tack on extra charges to use those services.
  4. Selecting a brand that gives you options. You don't always need professional transcription; choosing a human transcription service that also offers automatic computer transcripts prevents you from having to use multiple transcription tools for projects.
  5. Reading reviews. Most video transcription software is about 85% accurate because computers can't work around unclear dialogue and often have trouble picking up on uncommon language (for example, if audio has a lot of industry-specific terms or jargon). Although human transcription services advertise better accuracy, it's still a good idea to read customer reviews and take advantage of free trials to get an idea of what you can expect in terms of transcript quality, turnaround times, and experience with the brand.

Now, let's talk about some of the other transcription services you might see while you shop.

5 Other Human Transcription Services

There is an abundance of automated video transcription options available, like Temi and Otter — some of which even offer free transcription for new users. But human transcription providers are not as easy to find. Here are some of the most popular options:



TranscribeMe is popular for teams that need transcription and translation because they can transcribe content in multiple languages. They offer three human transcription packages and prices are not impacted by audio quality:

  • First Draft: $0.79 per audio minute, 98% accurate, delivery in one business day
  • Standard Transcription: $1.25 per audio minute, 99+% accurate, delivery in 1-3 business days
  • Verbatim Transcription: $2 per audio minute, 99.9+% accurate, delivery in 1-3 days

This transcription provider is also a suitable option for healthcare and medical organizations, law firms and legal teams, and enterprise companies that have to meet certain compliance requirements because they have granular security options and industry-specific set-up services.

You can use TranscribeMe from your web browser or download their iPhone mobile app.

GMR Transcription


GMR Transcription offers 100% human transcription, and additional services including translation, editing, and proofreading. Pricing is dependent on audio quality, number of speakers, and desired turnaround time — if you don't need your transcription back quickly, you can opt to wait longer for your transcription, thus reducing the overall cost. You can also opt for verbatim transcription, timestamps, and corrected grammar (meaning, somebody will edit your transcript and correct spelling and grammar mistakes in the dialogue).

Businesses trust GMR Transcription because they provide bulk discounts, accept videos in all file formats, support transcription in multiple languages, and have enterprise security options. But they're not a feasible option for everybody because of their complex and expensive pricing structure. This solution is mostly used by government organizations, educational institutions and universities, and corporate groups.

If you're interested in this transcription option, you can use the calculator on their website or call their support team to get a custom quote. You can also download the GMR Transcription app, from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, to get started on your mobile device.



Scribie is a video and audio transcription service that offers computer and human transcripts for clear recordings, in English, with American speakers. It's recommended for super clear audio — for example, it works for legal teams transcribing dictations or depositions — because Scribie's pricing is influenced by audio quality.

Manual transcription in Scribie's platform can be as cheap as $0.80 per minute of audio, but you can get hit with extra fees if your audio is deemed unclear. The list on their website mentions everything from quiet speakers to echos compromising audio quality; if you're worried your audio might be hard to transcribe, we recommend choosing a transcription service that's more forgiving.

Scribie's platform is pretty straightforward: No extras or additional services. Once transcripts are ready, you can download the text file from Scribie and use it for whatever you need.

Scribie has a multi-step transcription process to ensure 99+% accuracy, and it's typically used by students, researchers, and writers.



Rev is a video transcription brand that takes the hybrid approach to human transcription: They use AI to produce fast transcripts and have a team of transcriptionists to polish up what the computer delivers. They also offer additional services, including computer transcription, captions and subtitles for videos, and live captions for Zoom recordings.

Many people like Rev because it's online, fast, and decently affordable. They charge $1.25 per minute of audio, no matter the quality of your recording, and they can often deliver transcripts back within 12 hours (as long as your recording is under an hour). You can also "rush" your transcript, for $2.25 per minute of audio, if you need it back sooner. Rev provides a calculator on the website so you can look at cost and turnaround times before uploading your content for transcription.

Rev has plans to suit individuals or enterprise users, but they don't have a ton of features to work with transcripts — you download them from the Rev browser and import them to other tools. If you have recurring transcription needs, you may want a tool that lets you do more with your recordings.

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GoTranscript offers human transcription, translation in over 50 languages, English captions, and foreign subtitles for video recordings. The cost of transcription ranges from $0.90 to $2.50 per minute of audio, depending on recording length and desired turnaround time. Their human transcribers can work with virtually all audio quality: GoTranscript guarantees 99+% accuracy and doesn't charge extra for videos that are difficult to transcribe.

GoTranscript is a nice option for students and professionals that frequently transcribe videos because they have affordable prices, a customer loyalty program, and student discounts to offset the cost of transcribing and working with footage. This makes high-quality human transcription more attainable to the teams that need it for their processes. However, beyond transcription and captioning, GoTranscript doesn't provide a lot of tools to use transcripts, so you still have to export transcripts before you can really work with them.

Reduct: Human Transcription Services You Can Use for More

Human transcription is just one fraction of what we offer at Reduct: Our entire platform is designed to let you work with your transcripts and footage — it's far easier than using a static text file for projects, and it's cloud-based and collaborative, so you can get others involved with video projects to help or provide feedback.

Our online video transcription and text-based editor has advanced tools to strategically use video content, but it's still straightforward and intuitive so you can use the features without training. Plus, we offer tiered packages to suit different team sizes, and a free trial so you can try all of our tools before you sign up for Reduct.

Start a free trial of Reduct to try our human transcription services and receive fast, accurate transcripts, no matter the size of your video files.

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