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Plans and pricing

Reduct is priced per editor, and includes a generous quota of transcription hours every month.


/editor, per month
  • Access to powerful Reduct platform features.
  • 10hrs of included Every editor in your workspace adds 10hrs of monthly transcription, which is shared. So if you have 5 editors, you will have a shared pool of 50hrs of transcription to work with each month.pooled transcription per month, per editor.
  • Up to 10 Commenters can view recordings and other content in a Reduct workspace, and can highlight and comment.
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    , free.
  • 1080p exports.
  • Unlimited storage; individual media file-size up to 4GB.


/editor, per month
    Everything in Standard, plus...
  • Up to 50 commenters, free.
  • Video and audio Our video and audio redaction allows you to remove PII from your footage, protecting it from being shared.
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  • Search across projects, and combine highlights from multiple projects in your videoboards and reels.Cross-project functionality.
  • Additional transcription export Including legal-formatted transcripts as TXT and PDF, that are compatible with most federal and state courts.formats.
  • High resolution 4K exports.
  • Individual media file-size support up to 75GB.
Sign up for a free 14 day trial with all Advanced features, with 2 hours of AI transcription included.


starting at
/editor, per month
    Everything in Advanced, and...
  • SSO integration (SAML or Google-based).
  • Advanced This includes restricting access by domain, and having unlisted projects that are invisible to other members of the workspace.
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    access controls
    and Including domain- and SSO- gated links for shared reels.sharing options.
  • SOC2 Type II and annual pentest reports.
  • Data processing agreement accounting for The EU's General Data Protection Regulation.GDPR & California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.CCPA.
  • Signed MSA with a SLA, with invoiced, annual billing.
  • Priority support.
We offer several flexible models, to meet and grow with your needs.
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Overnight Human Transcription

In addition to our cutting-edge computer transcription, we also offer professional human transcription for increased accuracy, at additional cost. Our human transcribers provide up to 99% accuracy, and are better at working with footage with background noise, crosstalk, and strong accents. Human transcription happens overnight (within 24hrs).

Custom transcription quotas and HIPAA-compliant transcription

Looking for a large volume of transcription? Need a HIPAA-compliant partner to ensure sensitive patient health information is protected?
Contact us to discuss your needs.

Just need transcription?

If you are just looking for transcripts, check out our a-la-carte transcription-only offering, with the same high quality AI transcription, ability to upgrade to human transcrption, and a simple per-minute pricing, without a subscription.
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Non-profit and academic discounts

We offer discounts to non-profit organizations, as well as faculty and students looking to use Reduct for their studies, teaching, or research.
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