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How to Transcribe Interviews for Qualitative Research

Researchers are ditching old-school manual transcription for modern methods. Our post explains how to transcribe interviews for qualitative research in Reduct.

5 Best Alternatives for Transcription in 2023

Whether you are looking for a cheaper alternative to or want to explore other options, you can take your pick from the 5 best Otter alternatives for transcription below to work accordingly and efficiently.

6 Best Human Transcription Services - Online, Fast, Accurate

Human transcription services can be expensive and slow. We review the best, most affordable human transcription services that promise a super fast delivery.

9 Best Video Transcription Services- Accurate & Fast Turnaround

Convert your video content into written text with these 9 top-rated transcription services that offer exceptional high accuracy and speedy delivery time.

How to Record and Transcribe Interviews (Easily & Accurately)

Learn how to record and transcribe interviews with computer and human transcription services, and get tips on improving audio quality for better transcription.

Online Video Transcription - 99% accurate and delivered overnight

Our platform offers both computer & human online video transcription options so you can get a highly accurate transcript (within a day) to start your projects.

Best Rev Alternatives (That Help You Better Use Your Transcripts)

Rev is a popular transcription software, but it lacks tools to utilize transcripts. Our post reviews the best Rev alternatives with features to work with transcripts.

Fastest & Most Accurate Video to Text Transcription Services

In our post, we review leading video to text transcription services and talk about how Reduct's advanced tools help users do more with their transcripts.

What is HIPAA Compliance - A Quick Guide

Discover HIPAA's Impact- Privacy, Security, and Breach Rules. Learn how it revolutionized healthcare data protection. 🏥🔒

8 Best Transcription Software for Video in 2023

Transcribing video makes analysis & editing faster. Our post talks about the best transcription software for video & how to use your transcripts for your projects.

The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Your Video Content (With Four Examples)

Learn how you can take your existing video content, give it a spin and boost your content marketing efforts.

The Art of Anonymization: Practicing Anonymity and Confidentiality in Research

Practicing Anonymity and Confidentiality in Research