Create Meta’s Instagram Thread - Reduct’s AI Summarize Feature

Create Meta’s Instagram Thread - Reduct’s AI Summarize Feature

Meta recently launched Instagram Threads and has already blown up over 50 million sign-ups in just one day. It"s safe to say that Threads is here to stay, especially since your Instagram account is linked to your Threads account, and the only way to delete Threads is by deleting Instagram as well.

Threads account settings.

So how do we ride this tide and leverage from it? In this blog, I will jump into how Reduct’s AI summarization feature can help you easily create Instagram threads with ease and in volume.

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Reduct’s AI Summarization feature for Instagram Threads

AI Summarization feature is a simple yet powerful feature of Reduct that eliminates the need to dedicate hours of your precious time to find valuable content for your Instagram Threads within seconds.

With Reduct’s AI Summarizer, you can convert your video or audio files into chunks of main ideas in a textual format and use it for Instagram Threads.

Sample summary of a video on Reduct

You can save abundant time and effort creating threads in volumes by repurposing your existing content materials without having to start from point zero.

Additionally, if you are conversational, you can record yourself talking or explaining a concept to others. Import the video or audio to Reduct and summarize it. You will receive a textual format of your explanation divided into bullet points by key ideas that you can use as a foundation for an Instagram thread.

Follow these 2 simple steps to create Instagram threads.

Step 1: Upload your video to Reduct:

Upload video or audio from your computer or import them from the web (Zoom, YouTube, Google Meet, Dropbox, etc) in Reduct. You will receive the transcription in minutes. Once done, click on the "Summarize Transcript" button to generate a summary automatically.

 " />

Check out the summary of this existing Youtube video that I uploaded in Reduct.

Step 2: Fine-tune the Reduct summary

Use ChatGPT to convert the summary into a format that works well on Instagram Threads.

Here's a sample prompt you can use:

Convert the following into Instagram threads, don't include "speaker" labeling, and make sure each thread is not more than 500 characters: [Paste the summaries generated by Reduct here]

Prompt for ChatGPT to conver summary to a thread The thread format output from chatGPT

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