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Stories of Qualitative Research - Phil Gordon, Head of UX Research at Skillshare

We chatted with Phil Gordon, who has built an amazing UX research career at companies like Skillshare, Uber, Spotify and Thumbtack, etc. Phil generously shared with us lessons he learned along the way, including how to build trust and make impact as a qualitative researcher.

Tacos & Taxes - Breaking silos to create a true customer-obsessed organization

Intuit is known for its culture of customer obsession. Seasoned designer researchers, Joanna Vodopivec and Guy Viner, talked about their best practices of breaking silos with "Tacos & Taxes" watch parties, and using video storytelling to make the voice of customers heard by the entire organization.

Navigating to a New Normal with Ignite 360: A Lesson in Change, Empathy & Storytelling

A behind-the-scenes look at a nationally-representative research study aiming to better understand how COVID19 and the resulting societal and economic shifts were impacting Americans.

How Superhuman Shares Customer Feedback at Scale to Keep Stakeholders Aligned

Learn how Superhuman’s first dedicated Product Manager shares customer feedback at scale to keep stakeholders aligned around user needs.

How Modern Sales Pros Breathes New Life into Virtual Events

Modern Sales Pros was primarily an in-person events company, but in March of 2020, everything changed. Learn how the team found new, creative ways of engaging their audiences by leveraging highlight reels from virtual event recordings.

How People.AI Drives Account Renewals by Sharing Customer Feedback on Video

Along with making sure users are successful, B2B customer success teams must also constantly demonstrate to decision-makers the value they provide. Our post shows how People.AI drives account renewals by sharing customer feedback on video.

KNow Research’s Katrina Noelle on Innovating Research in 2020 (and Beyond)

President of Know Research Katrina Noelle recently hosted a webinar with Reduct.Video on how to innovate research methodologies in 2020 and beyond. This post features our top takeaways and video highlights.

How The Zebra's Research Team Harnesses the Power of Feedback on Video

Senior Director of Research at The Zebra Sarah Kettles knows how to build a team from scratch, and she recently walked us through her approach in a recent webinar. This post highlights a few of our favorites moments.