QRCA 2021: A Roundup of Insights & Advice From the Community

Prabhas Pokharel
March 2021

QRCA 2021: A Roundup of Insights & Advice From the Community

We were so excited to sponsor and attend this year’s QRCA Conference, and as expected, we had a great time, learned a ton, and got to catch up with our friends new and old in the qual research community!

Before the conference kicked off earlier this month, we interviewed a few of our friends in the QRCA community — Scott Baynton, Kristin Howell, Kayte Hamilton, Sonya Shen, Rob Volpe, and Katrina Noelle — to find out what their advice is for qualitative & market researchers in 2021, why using video in your research is essential, and more. Check out our full video highlight reels and top key takeaways below to learn how you can up-level your own research with video:

Advice for the QRCA Community


  • While everything may be unpredictable, we do have control over how we respond to change. Embrace flexibility, openness, and the ability to roll with the punches.

  • Get to know the latest tools and resources out there, and be sure to keep an open mind as you’re looking for new methodologies and processes.

  • Don’t stop adopting! Teach yourself how to utilize virtual tools — quickly — and invest in your digital skillset.

  • Use all the tools and free resources you can to up-level your research game, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

  • There’s a lot that we can do virtually that can replicate the experience of in-person, or could even be better than in-person.

  • Embrace video! We can’t say it better than Kristin: “Get going with video if you’re not there already!”

The Role of Video in Qualitative Research in 2021


  • Video is only going to grow in how we report findings to clients.
  • Video picked up in 2020, and going forward, it will continue to accelerate.
  • Video is here to stay! As Katrina said about KNow Research’s video-first approach, “Let’s just unequivocally say, yes, everything gets video.”
  • Video creation may sound scary to some, but researchers should learn how video can help them — and see just how simple it can be.

What Would You Say to a Researcher Who is Hesitant About Video?


  • Not only can video be easier to work with than you might think — it’s also fun!
  • When it comes to deliverables, video is the ultimate “surprise-and-delighter”.
  • If the concern is that it won’t have a big enough impact, just try it! You’ll understand the difference it makes in the reactions you get.
  • Show clients first-hand the value of video, and they’ll be back.

Clients LOVE Video Deliverables


  • Video deliverables are very popular because they are easily shareable!
  • The best way for clients to see and hear the VoC (Voice of the Consumer) is by hearing it from the mouths of the consumers themselves.
  • It’s a great, easy way to showcase research findings to all of the internal stakeholders within their company.
  • Video deliverables increase the client’s ability to contextualize how a product is impacting lives — it’s an alive and intimate experience.
  • We can’t put it better than Scott: “It brings research to life!”

How Reduct Changes the Game for Qualitative Researchers

With Reduct.Video:

  • Kayte can easily include live footage in research reports, and share stories that make more impact.
  • Sonya saves time and stays focused on the insights and analysis.
  • Scott easily pinpoints and highlights insights for reports, then buckets those insights into simple, shareable reels.
  • Katrina and team can include video in every share-out - and find it fun!
  • Rob can more easily put video highlight reels together and bring Ignite 360’s Navigating to a Normal participants’ stories to life.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Reduct.Video can help you up-level your research in 2021 and beyond, sign up for our free trial or get in touch with our team!