Takeaway: an experiment in rapid synthesis

September 2019


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Takeaway: an experiment in rapid synthesis

At Reduct.Video, we are lucky to be able to facilitate conversations within San Francisco’s vibrant UX/design research community. As designers, PMs, and engineers increasingly conduct research without extensive training in research techniques, research teams are grappling with important questions about ownership, expertise, training, and what happens when such programs are implemented at scale. This concept of “democratizing research” is exactly the topic of our second Research, Camera, Action!

Given the timeliness of the topic, we wanted to make sure that the conversation could spread quickly beyond those in attendance. Today, if you hear something notable or inspiring in a talk, you might jot down some notes. Or you might tweet out the quote, especially if you dig conference hashtags (we’ve got one too! #researchcameraaction ). At Reduct, we imagine a future in which video is so easy and fast to create and edit, that before you leave an event, you might share video snippets of your favorite moments with friends and colleagues.

So in addition to hosting the talks, we decided to conduct an experiment at Research, Camera, Action! Before leaving for the night, audience members synthesized video takeaways from the event to share with the wider community.

Attendees first broke out into small groups to capture key takeaways from the talks they heard, on paper. Each attendee pulled out a quote that stood out to them, and in small groups, synthesized a takeaway statement corresponding to a single talk.

Using Reduct, we then quickly searched the content of the talks, and in just a few minutes, created video highlight reels representing the synthesis that our attendees created moments earlier.

Here are the takeaway videos our audience created from various talks:

Research for All

By: Paige Pritchard, UX Researcher @ Google
Takeaway: Embrace your expertise, use resources & supporters to build the practice.


Debunking 5 Myths about democratizing research

By: Rawan Kaddoura, Jillian Wells, Megan Witmer, and Annie Steele, Research @ Stripe
Takeaway: Democratizing research through education empowers researches, and increases demand.


How to train your team (to do research)

By: Jordan Berry and Chelsia Yu, Senior Experience Researcher and Product Designer @ Thumbtack
Takeaway: Making research accessible and approachable empowers everyone to do / appreciate research.


Ideas to Enable Better Conversations, Connections and Confidence

By: Michele Ronsen, Ronsen Consulting LLC
Takeaway: Teach the art & craft of user research.


We will be posting a more detailed event summary of this event in the upcoming days. Email us at rca@reduct.video if you would like access to the talks.

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