Order and Chaos in Synthesis and Storytelling

Prabhas Pokharel
April 2022

Order and Chaos in Synthesis and Storytelling

Reduct Videoboard is a new addition to the Reduct platform that allows you to put video highlights in a two-dimensional space, just like you’d put images and post-its in a tool like Figjam or Miro.

Combining transcript-based and spatial/visual-based approaches unlocks a friction-less process for collaborative synthesis. You can move video highlights around, re-play to get the essence and nuances in video data, apply them in the frameworks you’re familiar with- affinity clusters, journey map, venn diagram and many more. Once some semblance of a story starts to appear, you can create reels using our in-built video editor.

Videoboard enables you to brainstorm ideas and bring structure to hours and hours of interview videos. With Videoboard, you can now think visually, stay close to your data, and work collaboratively.

Watch our presentation at Advancing Research conference, where our co-founder Prabhas and our Head of Design Mayo explained the rationale behind building Videoboard with a product demo. (The demo starts at 28:40 in the video)

💡 Binge-watch tip: Click a word to navigate the video.


About the Speakers:

Prabhas Pokharel is an entrepreneur, design researcher, and computer scientist; he creates human-centered technology. He co-founded Reduct.Video, which helps design researchers and strategists leverage the power of video storytelling to transform their organizations—so that everyone from the CEO to individual engineers can see & hear the human needs of their customers, first-hand. Prabhas studied Design Thinking with David Kelley at the Stanford d.school, and was inspired to create Reduct while conducting ethnographically-inspired needs finding as a part of Stanford’s Design Thinking methodology. Before that, he worked with UNICEF to found one of its first Innovation Labs, and at the Earth Institute at Columbia University to create technology to further social development in the developing world. He loves hanging out with his 3-yr old, (e-)biking, and playing the Sicilian defense.

Mayo Nissen is the head of design at Reduct, a company that creates the world’s best tool for design researchers working with video footage of human conversation. He builds and nurtures teams at the nexus of research, systems thinking, and human-centered design, and strives to bring clarity to ambiguous questions. Prior to Reduct, he ran a design lab in the New York City Mayor’s Office of the CTO, bringing human-centered design and technology to the nation’s largest municipal government, and was a creative director at frog design, where he led the interaction design discipline for the New York studio and was a member of the global design research working group. His work has been exhibited at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile, and Stockholm’s National Center for Architecture and Design, and he regularly guest-lectures, advises, and teaches at academic institutions in the US and Europe. He is a graduate of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, London’s Brunel University, and the United World College of the Atlantic. He likes big cities, hard questions, and shades of black.

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