Rapid transcription and video clipping

Get accurate transcripts in just minutes, and search, highlight, and share audio and video, as easily as text.

Cutting-edge transcription

Your material is automatically transcribed using the latest AI technology, in minutes. Upgrade to human transcripts at any time.

Find what matters, fast

No matter how much material you have, it’s all searchable, so you can find the key moments you need— all without hours of tedious rewatching.

Make your case

Analyze your footage with highlights and tags, and then rapidly pull clips and assemble reels to show in court, without any prior video experience or technical know-how.

“I wouldn't have won this trial if I hadn't been able to use Reduct.”
Elizabeth D. Cadiz, Chief Deputy Public Defender, City of Aurora

Widely compatible

Legal formatting

Export your transcripts as ASCII txt or PDF, with formatting that meets most federal and state court systems’ specifications. Include line numbers and timestamps as needed.

Exported transcripts are compatible with your industry-standard eDiscovery and case management software. Choose the Advanced plan to access this functionality.

Case study

Colorado Public Defender

A need at scale

The Office of the Colorado State Public Defender needed a solution for offices across the state to generate rapid transcripts for the increasing volumes of audio and video evidence introduced in their cases. Existing transcription and video solutions were expensive, non-standard, and slow.

After initially piloting Reduct in mid-2021, the Office has now rolled it out to 21 locations, with over a thousand users who have transcribed more than 500,000 minutes of digital evidence to date.

Transcription, and more...

Attorneys and their staff are now able to generate rapid and accurate transcripts, which they can search to locate critical evidence to present at trial. Reduct also allows staff to extract portions of this evidence as video exhibits, and to combine clips into impactful reels. These exhibits are often successful in court even when the original footage is hard to understand due to the synchronized captions generated by Reduct.

Precision in every word, impact in every case
Reduct for legal and criminal justice
Audio and video support
We support audio and video in almost any format you can imagine. mp4, mp3, mov, wav, aac… we’re ready for it.
Interactive transcript
Click on a word in the transcript—we’ll jump you right to that moment in that video. Selecting the text lets you select video. It’s like magic.
Redaction *
Footage often includes sensitive information—names, faces, and that notification that popped up on a screen-share. Reduct lets you redact PII, and be a responsible custodian of your subjects’ information.
* Advanced and Enterprise feature
Powerful search
With all the video in Reduct transcribed, search lets you dig deep into your repository. Search in one recording, or all of them. Search exact matches using quote marks, or use our powerful, NLP-powered fuzzy-search to find relevant ideas and phrases.
Speaker separation
Know who said what, when. We identify who said what in a recording, and label the transcript appropriately. Naming a speaker labels every phrase they say.
Auto-captioning & caption styles
Turn them on or off. Burn them into videos. Export them. Pick your favorite style. Captions are always available.
Reduct lets you edit video. You can make rough cuts in minutes, and share them in seconds. Just drag in highlights, tags, or full recordings. Then, drag and drop to reorder, and select text to strike it out.
Export options *
Download highlights or reels as audio or video, with the caption style of your choice. Grab your highlights and tags as CSV for further analysis. Export transcripts as Word or SRT, or even as PDF and txt files formatted to meet legal and courtroom specifications.
* Court formatting options on Advanced and Enterprise plans only.
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Review, search, highlight, and combine clips

Work more efficiently with audio and video files.