Legal Transcription Services

Save time with instant transcripts and easily share and edit video footage all in one centralized, searchable repository.

Fast and reliable transcription

Get instant AI transcription for all the footage immediately. Human transcribers well-versed with legal terms fix any inaccuracies within 3 hours on average / 24 hour maximum.

More than just transcripts

Reduct makes it easy for legal teams to use transcripts and videos in court. We’ve helped investigators build cases faster and collaborate efficiently.

Case study

Colorado Public Defender

Problem: Rapid Transcription Needed

In May 2020, the Chief Deputy of the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender approached Reduct with a specific problem - she needed rapid transcripts.

100s of public defender offices, spread throughout Colorado, were using several different software tools, services or certified transcripts which were expensive, slow and causing inefficiencies in the state's legal processes.

Solution: Reduct's Reliable Transcription and More

After a successful pilot, Colorado Public Defender gave its offices and legal staff access to the Reduct platform. As use of Reduct for transcripts increased, so did the use of its other features in the legal process.

Reduct’s collaboration, video editing and video sharing features proved to be so easy to use that Colorado Public Defender teams are now using Reduct generated videos in investigations, in court and in turn have benefited from the centralization of these services in one platform.

Precision in every word, Impact in every case
Reduct for Legal Transcription
Granular access permissions
With hidden projects, guests and comment-only users, you can be sure that only the right people have access to sensitive material.
Footage often includes sensitive information—names, faces, and that notification that popped up on a screen-share. Reduct lets you redact PII, and be a responsible custodian of your subjects’ information.
We take the security of our customers and the people represented in their footage very seriously. We’re GDPR compliant, SOC 2 Type II certified, and we work with large organizations in sensitive and heavily regulated industries.
Powerful search
With all the video in Reduct transcribed, search lets you dig deep into your repository. Search in one recording, or all of them. Search exact matches using quote marks, or use our powerful, NLP-powered fuzzy-search to find relevant ideas and phrases.
Tag management
Sometimes you need a bring a little more structure to your chaos. Reduct has powerful tag groups, and you can even import them from other projects. Renaming, merging, adding descriptions and synonyms—it’s a robust tagging experience.
Speaker separation
Know who said what, when. We identify who said what in a recording, and label the transcript appropriately. Naming a speaker labels every phrase they say.
Custom vocabulary
Sometimes, you might work with names or terms that are too obscure even for us. Just tell us what they are, and we’ll make sure to get them right.
Reduct lets you edit video. You can make rough cuts in minutes, and share them in seconds. Just drag in highlights, tags, or full recordings. Then, drag and drop to reorder, and select text to strike it out.
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Search, highlight, edit transcripts & create clips. Collaborate seamlessly with your legal team.

Streamline your legal transcription process.