Researchers love the power of video

With Reduct, they also love working with video. Find deeper insights, tell more resonant stories, and build a research repository for long-term use.

Reduct makes it easy for UX researchers and insights teams to work with video and audio footage, using transcripts.


Get transcripts for your recordings of user interviews and research sessions.

You can get AI-generated transcripts with 96% accuracy within just a few minutes. Transcripts make your footage as easy to work with as text.


Search through hours of video, in seconds, to find moments that matter.

Reduct allows you to search through your entire repository — potentially hundreds of hours of footage — and find clips you knew were there... and discover some that you didn’t.


Analyze recordings, synthesize insights, and edit highlight reels quickly and easily.

Highlight key moments in your transcript, organize and structure them using tags, and use the videoboard to synthesize spatially. Work collaboratively and at speed, with no prior video-editing experience.


Collaborate, share, and evangelize with the lightness of a link

Easily share your work in progress or final insights with your team and with stakeholders. Invite them as editors, commenters or as guests, or just send them a shared reel so they can watch your videos without logging in.

Deeper insights, with wider impact
Reduct for Research
Interactive transcript
Click on a word in the transcript—we’ll jump you right to that moment in that video. Selecting the text lets you select video. It’s like magic, but easier to use.
The Videoboard is a 2d digital canvas for your highlights. You can arrange your highlights and recordings, find patterns, add notes, and create sequences—and it’s all collaborative. Build on existing frameworks like Venn diagrams or narrative structures, or work freeform. It’s the best way to do storyboarding. Or affinity mapping. Or just to see what’s in your data.
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Reduct lets you edit video. You can assemble rough cuts in minutes, and share them in seconds. Just drag in highlights, tags, or full recordings. Then, drag and drop to reorder, and select text to strike it out.
Powerful search
With everything in Reduct transcribed, search lets you dig deep into your repository. Search in one recording, or all of them. Search for exact matches using quote marks, or use our powerful, NLP-powered fuzzy-search to find relevant ideas and phrases.
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Tag management
Sometimes you need to bring a little more structure to your chaos. Reduct has powerful tag groups, and you can even import them from other projects. Renaming, merging, adding descriptions and synonyms—it’s a robust tagging experience.
Realtime collaboration
Everything in Reduct happens in the browser, so everything is always in sync. Follow a colleague as they review a recording, or sort themes as a group in the videoboard. It all happens in real-time, so you’re always on the same page.
We take the security of our customers and the people represented in their footage very seriously. We’re GDPR compliant, SOC 2 Type II certified, and we work with large organizations in sensitive and heavily regulated industries.
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Live Capture
Live Capture lets you bring Zoom, Google Meet and Teams calls into Reduct, as they happen. Your entire team can highlight and comment on the live transcript, and you can share clips and assemble reels as soon as the call ends.
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Customer Success Story

The nice thing about Reduct is that you can go back into the transcripts, find those keywords, highlight them, create clips and then stitch those clips together so quickly.


Mira Rao, Research Director at BlinkUX



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