5 Best Legal Transcription Software in 2024

February 2024


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5 Best Legal Transcription Software in 2024

Legal transcription is a crucial step for law firms and legal professionals. You might need it for legal purposes or to make your video or audio more accessible and searchable.

But with so many legal transcription software out there, choosing the right one can be a bit of a headache.

In this blog post, I'll be sharing my top picks for the best legal transcription software in 2024. So no more endless searching – let's jump right in and explore your options together!

1. Reduct.Video ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Best for: Secure and accurate legal transcription for large volumes of video and audio files

Reduct Legal Landing Page

Reduct offers an accurate and secure legal transcription in over 90+ languages. It can automatically transcribe large volumes of legal video and audio with 96% accuracy.

Additionally, there's the option to choose a legal transcription human service for those aiming for 99% accuracy.

Reduct excels in prioritizing data security, maintaining industry-standard of compliance such as SOC 2 Type II.

Our legal transcription software is built for teams, with features for collaborative searching, highlighting, tagging, and editing. You can also make edits such as blurring faces in videos or redact audio by just editing its transcript.

💵 Pricing:
  • Free trial (2 hours of free transcription)
  • Paid plans:
    • Standard ($24/month per editor paid annually)
    • Advanced ($40/month per editor paid annually)
    • Enterprise (customizable)

Reduct also offers utilization-based pricing for those who deal with a high volume of legal video and audio. to know more!

Get secure and accurate legal transcription today!
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2. Verbit ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Best For: Those looking for AAERT-certified human transcribers.

Verbit Legal Landing Page

Verbit is a great legal transcription software that caters to the unique requirements of legal professionals.

They specialize in services like legal dictation transcription, legal document transcription, legal document review, and legal document translation.

While their AI legal transcription is good, what sets them apart is their top-notch human legal transcription service. Verbit’s legal transcribers undergo rigorous in-house training, and their work is reviewed by certified court and electronic reporters.

💵 Pricing:
  • Free trial : None
  • Customizable paid option

3. GoTranscript ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Best for: Specialized services like medicolegal transcription and transcripts for court documents

GoTranscript Legal Landing Page

Just like Verbit, GoTranscript also provides transcription services of legal documents such as contracts, court orders, depositions, and more. Their standard turnaround time for legal transcription is between 24 to 48 hours.

GoTranscript ensures the security and confidentiality of all legal documents by using security measures, such as encryption and digital signature.

Also, you can choose to integrate a variety of features, such as automated time-stamping, audio/video synchronization, or opt for specialized services like medicolegal transcription, among other areas, to help your law firm settle a case efficiently and rapidly.

💵 Pricing:
  • Variable Pricing
Go Transcript Pricing

4. Rev ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Best for: Transcription with extensive legal terminologies and jargons as it offers custom glossaries.

Rev Legal Landing Page

Rev is one of the leading legal transcription software that offers a wide range of services for law firms. These services include voice-to-text transcription, audio-to-text transcription, dictation transcription, and even document transcription.

Rev's legal transcription services are also customizable to meet individual project needs. They provide options for instant rough drafts, human rough drafts, or ready-to-certify transcripts according to NRCA standards, each tailored to your specific turnaround time and quality needs.

You can also submit your style guide or tailor the formatting configuration of each file with Rev.

💵 Pricing:
  • Free trial (14 days)
  • Paid plans
    • AI transcription ($0.25 per minute)
    • AI transcription subscription ($29.99 per month)
    • Human transcription ($1.50 per minute)

5. Trint ⭐⭐⭐

Best for: Securely capturing call recordings at the moment for live transcription.

Trint Legal Landing Page

Trint is one of the secure legal transcription software options for legal professionals. Lawyers use Trint to transcribe legal audio and video recordings, review and analyze. You can also edit, search and playback transcripts to find key moments, and pull quotes to create articles and case studies.

With ISO 27001 certifications and granular user permissions controlling information flows, Trint is a great alternative to Reduct if you are looking for a secure transcription.

In terms of accuracy, Trint didn’t perform quite well in our transcription benchmark test. But if you are willing to compromise on transcription accuracy for a industry-standard security, Trint is a great choice.

💵 Pricing:
  • Free trial (7 days)
  • Paid plans
    • Starter ($80/month per user, paid annually)
    • Advanced ($100/month per user, paid annually)
    • Enterprise (customizable)

Making the right choice

Each legal transcription software offers a unique set of features and pricing plans, catering to different needs. So when choosing, make sure to do a detailed analysis first.

Thankfully we have covered that part for you. Check out our benchmark page that compares different transcription software in terms of accuracy, pricing, and more.

Transcribe your legal video and audio with Reduct.

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