9 Best Professional Video Transcription Services (Super Accurate & Fast Turnaround)

Peggy Pan
December 2021

9 Best Professional Video Transcription Services (Super Accurate & Fast Turnaround)

Finding professional video transcription that is accurate, fast, and affordable can seem like an impossible goal. While most computer transcription software is fast, it's only ~85% accurate (and that's only if audio quality is considered good).

If you need high-quality and highly-accurate transcription for your video projects, human transcription is the best solution. That said, it can be both expensive and offer a slow turnaround if you have large video files to transcribe.

So, we designed Reduct's human video transcription process to be super-fast, accurate, and cost-effective. In addition, we offer an enterprise transcription service that ensures extra confidentiality and is tailored exactly to your organization's needs. Not to mention, every Reduct subscription also includes automatic computer transcription at no extra cost, so you never have to wait to start working on your video project.

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In this article, we'll take you through how to use Reduct's accurate transcription service to transcribe your video projects quickly — and at the lowest overall cost in the industry. We'll also talk about how Reduct lets you use your video's transcript for a variety of other tasks, including:

Finally, we'll take a look at a few other companies offering both high-quality computer and human transcription and how they compare.

How Reduct Transcribes Your Videos

Beyond our automatic transcription, Reduct offers human transcription and an enterprise transcription option, but let's talk about all three.

Reduct's Computer Transcription

Computer transcription — otherwise called automatic transcription — is around 85% accurate. All of our computer transcripts are generated in just a few minutes, are easily editable, and we have keyboard shortcuts to help you correct them quickly.

Reduct's Professional Human Transcription

If you need a transcription that is as close to 100% accurate as possible, then Reduct's human video to text transcription services have you covered. We send your video files to a team of professional transcriptionists in five-minute sections. By splitting your audio recordings into smaller chunks, and sending each one to a separate transcriptionist, you get your transcript back much quicker. Also, we never give the whole file to any single human transcriber. This guarantees your audio/video files remain confidential.

Once the initial manual transcription is done, Reduct uses speech AI to recognize different speakers. It then assigns names to each speaker in the audio recording. After that, the sections are re-assembled into a verbatim transcription of your video file. The file goes through several rounds of quality control to ensure accuracy throughout. Finally, you receive the completed transcript in your inbox.

Reduct's human transcription is the cheapest 24-hour transcription service in the industry at just $1.67 per audio minute. We guarantee to get a 99% accurate transcript back to you overnight, regardless of the size of your audio/video files. Plus, our human transcriptionists can work around poor audio quality or video files that have multiple speakers, or speakers with accents.

Reduct's Professional Transcription Option for Enterprise Users

As we mentioned earlier, our manual transcription service for enterprise customers also has additional levels of security for those video files that need to be ultra-secure. If you are interested in that you can get in touch with us.

Whichever type of transcription you choose, Reduct's video transcripts are designed to be used interactively to analyze and edit your videos and work on video content with your team.

How Reduct Lets You USE Transcripts

The transcripts that Reduct provides you with are completely interactive, meaning every spoken word on the video file is matched with the text in the transcript. So you can click on any part of the transcript text and instantly play the corresponding video, which makes reviewing and editing that much easier.

Video Content Analysis

As we mentioned, the interactive transcript makes skipping forward and back in your video file very simple: You can click on any part of the transcript and skip to that section of footage, and you can speed up playback to review faster. Reviewing is also simpler compared to using timestamp software because you don't need to wade through timestamps to find the exact moments. You can review your footage as you would a normal document, while still easily referencing your footage. This is helpful if you're transcribing interviews for qualitative research.

As you review, you can highlight the most memorable moments in your transcript so you can easily reference what's important. When you highlight text in your transcripts, Reduct also pulls and saves the corresponding video clip so you can use it in the video editing process. By tagging parts of the transcript, it's also easier to identify themes and pick out meaningful sections of your video footage. Clips that have identical tags are grouped to help you edit related clips together.

Reduct's Fuzzy Search allows you to search through several transcripts at once to identify related video content in different files. With Fuzzy Search, you don't even have to search for the exact words used in the video: You can simply search by theme or concept and Reduct's software suggests sections of your video files that are related. This is useful to pinpoint patterns between research footage, for example, or to find significant moments that you may not have picked up on before.

Text-based Video Editing

When you use Reduct, you can use your transcript to edit your video footage. To get a rough cut of your video project, simply highlight the sections of video you plan to use from the transcript text, and Reduct pulls these moments as video clips.

You can then drag and drop the clips into the order you want to use them to create highlight reels (a.k.a. Reduct Reels). Reduct also automatically smooths out the transitions between each clip for you, making playback much sleeker. When compiling a Reduct Reel from clips, our software stitches together a corresponding transcript so you can always work on the most up-to-date transcript during edits.

To add even more polish to your highlight reels you can add text slides or captions, or edit out any footage you don't want to include by striking through text in the transcript. However, Reduct never definitively deletes any of your footage, so you can always go back and undo any cuts you have made at any stage of the editing process.

Work With teams On Video Projects

Reduct stores all of your video footage directly on its platform. So, you and your team can work on the same video files in the cloud in real-time. No more downloading heavy video files onto local hard drives, or dealing with each team member working on videos separately. Working in one collaborative video editor reduces time spent on feedback and allows everybody to work more efficiently.

You can add as many team members as you like to your video projects. Simply give each person login details, grant each one specific permission, and assign roles to them, as follows:

RoleAccessCreate projectUpload recordingTag, Edit and Share videoHighlight and Comment
Team EditorAll team projects
Guest EditorSpecific projects by invitation onlyX
Team CommenterAll team projectsXXX
Guest CommenterSpecific projects by invitation onlyXXX

Team members can comment directly on the transcript, and the Presence feature shows who is working on a video at any given moment. This allows multiple team members to work together in real-time on video analysis and editing.

Share Transcripts & Videos with Stakeholders

To share your video projects with stakeholders, external collaborators, or anybody outside of your team, our online video editor provides share links for each video. These share links can be pasted into email platforms, workplace collaboration tools, such as Trello, or in messaging apps like Slack, preventing the need to send heavy video files by email or thumb drive.

Other Online Professional Transcription Options

There are a host of audio/video transcription companies providing their services on the web, and it can get confusing to distinguish them from each other.

To help, we selected a few of those offering manual transcription services (or a hybrid of automated transcription and human transcription) and provide more details on their offerings and pricing. At the end, we also list a few of the most popular automated transcription platforms — but remember, computer transcripts are only so accurate.



GoTranscript offers "100% human-generated transcription services" and specializes in audio transcription and video transcription. The service does not use speech recognition software to generate its transcripts, but instead, a team of freelance transcriptionists. It guarantees 99%+ accuracy and prices start at $1.08 per audio minute for a 5-day turnaround. GoTranscript also offers a 3-day turnaround (the most popular), 1-day, or 6-12 hours — the fastest option starts at $3.00 per audio minute. It also offers services for English captions, foreign subtitles, and translation, which it provides quotes for based on the audio/video file you upload onto their website.



The Rev website says it uses speech-to-text software alongside human transcriptionists. This means the platform gets real people to review and correct computer transcriptions. So, the service is more affordable than manual transcription, but the hybrid process may affect the accuracy of the final video transcription.

Rev offers transcription for $1.25 per audio minute and a 12-hour turnaround on video files or audio files that are longer than 30 minutes, although it gives no guarantees.

Additionally, Rev's online video transcription software also offers foreign subtitling for between $3 and $7 per audio minute, depending on the combination of languages involved.



Scribie's automatic transcription rates start at $0.10 per minute. Manual transcription, a.k.a. human transcription starts at $0.80 per minute, which seems a good deal. However, Scribie's transcription rates have a sliding scale of prices including an extra $0.50 per minute for each of the following:

  • Strict verbatim transcription (where transcribers are required to transcribe absolutely every single spoken word on the audio or video file)
  • Accented speakers (other than American English speakers)
  • Noisy audio
  • Poor audio
  • Providing an SRT/VTT subtitle file

If, for example, you have a video file with accented speakers, that has some background noise and you need a verbatim transcription, the cost per audio minute would be at least $2.30.



For business accounts, the online meeting platform Zoom offers a transcription service as part of its monthly subscription package. It only offers computer-generated audio transcription, but we're including it in our list because, if you already use Zoom for meetings or webinars, for example, it is very convenient. It can't, however, be relied upon to transcribe audio completely accurately, so if you need a more reliable transcription — to share with all parties as a more legally accurate version of what was agreed in a specific meeting, for example — it's best to hire a human transcription service from another provider.

To use the service you have to make a cloud recording of your meeting, rather than recording it locally on your own computer. After the meeting ends, Zoom automatically creates an audio file of your meeting and begins transcribing the audio to text. They don't guarantee a specific turnaround time for transcription, but they'll send you an alert when the transcript is ready for review.

Other Popular Online Automated Transcription Services

Other popular automatic transcription services and subscriptions include:

  • SonixOffers computer transcription and subtitling in 40+ languages
  • TrintOffers computer transcription in 31 languages
  • TemiOffers computer transcription (only in English) and guarantees a 5-minute turnaround
  • OtterOffers computer transcription (only in English)

These platforms all offer similar transcription options, and some provide a limited free transcription service (up to a certain number of minutes). The transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and are editable, so you can tidy up the transcript.

You can learn more about these other options in our video transcription software guide.

Reduct: Affordable Professional Video Transcription With 24-Hour Turnaround

Reduct's online video transcription gives all three factors that you need from the best professional transcription service:

  • Accuracy and high-quality because it's done by a team of experienced human transcribers
  • A maximum 24-hour turnaround on any size of audio/video file
  • Best-in-class price at just $1.67 per audio minute

You can also opt for our extra-secure enterprise service if you have a large video library or your project calls for an extra layer of confidentiality.

Finally, and on top of all of the benefits of professional transcription, Reduct also lets you use your interactive transcript to:

  • Quickly analyze the spoken content of your video files
  • Edit your video into a rough cut, just as easily as using a text editor.
  • Collaborate with your team on video projects in real-time
  • Share transcripts and videos with other stakeholders

So, if video analysis, editing, team collaboration, and sharing are also included in the work you have to do on your video file, Reduct may be the solution you need.

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