Video Text Editing: Easily and Accurately Edit Videos by Editing the Text

Video Text Editing: Easily and Accurately Edit Videos by Editing the Text

There are two types of video text editing tools:

  1. Tools that let you add overlay text to videos
  2. Tools that let you edit videos by editing transcript text

So choosing a video text editing tool that makes sense depends upon what you’re looking to do. Text overlay tools let you add custom text, text animations, and other graphics to your videos, but typically don’t let you edit video, or do things like add subtitles or captions to your videos. This post covers word-based video editing, which allows you to edit down video footage and pull video clips just by using the text.ost word-based editors also include some extra features to help you customize your video projects.

Reduct is a video editing tool that allows you to edit your videos by editing the text from the transcript. By linking every word in the transcript with the exact moment it was said in the video, Reduct allows you to precisely edit video just by working with transcript text.

With Reduct, you can:

  • Edit video 10 to 12 times faster
  • Highlight important parts of your transcript and pull video clips
  • Build video narratives by combining video clips
  • Add text slides to videos
  • Add word-by-word captions on videos
  • Share your edited videos in a click or two

Because our software allows you to quickly and easily edit down your video footage, it is a good option for people who are working with hours of footage or a lot of different video files (e.g., documentary filmmakers, qualitative researchers, content marketers, etc.).

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In this post we explain how easy it is to use Reduct’s video word-based editing features to make video clips and create engaging stories from your footage. And if you're looking for tools to add text overlays or other special effects into your video projects, we’ll also recommend a few tools you can use for those advanced touch-ups.

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How Video Text Editing Works in Reduct: Everything Starts With a High-Quality Transcript

In order to edit video in the same way you’d edit text, you need an accurate transcript. And our platform delivers just that.

Uploading your video files into Reduct is easy: You can upload files directly from your computer or embed a link from the web. (We accept all file formats and codecs.) Once your new video is uploaded, you can choose between computer or human transcription.

  • Computer transcripts are about 85% accurate and delivered back in 15-20 minutes, and all of our computer transcripts are editable if you want to correct any inaccuracies.
  • Human transcripts are about 99% accurate and are delivered back to you within a day. Since we only charge $1.67 per minute of audio/video, we’re the fastest and cheapest human video to text transcription service available.

We recommend choosing computer transcription if you want an instant transcript and are working with really clear audio. Human transcription is the better option when your audio has background noise or the dialogue is unclear. If you opt for human transcription on our platform, we’ll still send you a first-draft computer transcript to review in the meantime. Then, once your human transcription is ready, it’ll automatically update in Reduct.

Once you have your high quality transcription from Reduct, you’re ready to start the video editing process.

Highlight the Most Important Parts of Your Transcript

As you review your transcript, you can create a video clip just by highlighting the corresponding text within the transcript — no manual cutting or searching for time stamps!

GIF of highlights

All of your video clips are stored in our platform as Highlights; you can export and share Highlights as-is or use them to build a more complex video narrative. You can also add tags to your Highlights to group similar video clips together and improve their searchability.

Create Video Clips and Build Video Stories from Those Clips

We’ve mentioned how you can create video clips by highlighting text from your transcript. But you can also create more sophisticated video narratives by combining your desired video clips into Highlight Reels.

GIF of drag & drop

Highlight Reels are simple to make: Drag and drop your video clips into whatever order you want. You can pull video clips from one source, or multiple video files. Our platform creates seamless transitions between clips so you don’t have to worry about your video sounding/looking choppy.

Once you have your Highlight Reel put together, you can:

  • Polish it up by striking through repetitions, tangents, and filler words to edit out video content
  • Add text slides to build context between video clips
  • Add captions to improve your video’s accessibility

Edit Out Extra Footage and Filler Words

Editing out footage in your videos using timeline-based video editing software involves laborious and exacting dicing and slicing. It can also be inaccurate if you miss the cut by even a fraction of a second.

With Reduct you simply strikethrough words, phrases, or entire sections in your transcript and our platform automatically edits those sections out of your video.

GIF of strikethrough

This is really useful if you want to edit out whole sections of your transcript, if one of your speakers goes off on a tangent, or if you need to remove filler words such as “um,” or “ah.”

Accidentally cut something? We got your back - select the struck-through text and click Restore, then your video is back!

GIF of restore

Reduct even has convenient keyboard shortcuts to help you tweak your transcript and edit your videos super fast.

Add Text Slides & Captions to Your Video Narratives

After you’ve arranged your clips in the desired order, you can insert text slides between clips to provide viewers with additional information and build context or add intros/outros to your videos. You can customize these text slides however you like; add images or background colors to break up video clips or complement your custom text.

GIF of title slide

Our software will video add captions to your videos by default — though you can always remove the captions by clicking “Disable Captioning.” Reduct’s captions run word-by-word so viewers can’t read ahead and spoil the video.

Push Your Video to a More Advanced Video Editor to Add Text Overlays

Text overlay is where words or phrases are added on top of your video. Reduct does not provide a text overlay function. Instead, as mentioned above, you can use our text slide feature to break up video sections and insert important introductions, eg ‘Chapter 3’ or ‘John Smith, CEO’.

If you really need to add overlay text, however, you can take advantage of our integrations with Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro: Use Reduct to accomplish the bulk of your video text editing and then push your rough cut to one of those more robust video editing tools to do a final polish.

Share Your Edited Video Projects with Team Members and Stakeholders

Most people who go through the process of editing their video footage typically want to share their finished video projects with other team members, stakeholders, or across the web. Instead of requiring you to download your Highlight Reels and share them outside of Reduct, we provide simple sharing options.

  • To share your videos with other Reduct users, simply add them to the video or folder of videos you want to share.
  • To share your final reel, copy and paste your video’s share link.

Our share links work on email platforms, messengers, and workspace collaboration tools. When you share your video, your viewers can also read along with an interactive transcript — click on a word to skip ahead, play your video back at faster speeds, or mix and match reading with viewing. You can also paste our share link on social media; however, when it comes to sharing your video online, you may prefer to download your video and upload using each platform's dedicated uploader.

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Alternative Text Overlay Tools

If you want to do other kinds of video editing — like adding text overlay, animated titles, or other special text effects to your videos — take a look at the following products:

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark is a tool that lets you quickly make web pages, graphics, and videos by combining images and text. It offers themes with font and color options so you can customise your text to match your videos. You can also use text overlay to add credits and captions.


Typito is an easy-to-use text overlay tool with ready-made templates and a library of free images. It utilizes a drag-and-drop feature which allows you to create professional-looking videos by adding text effects and selecting colors, fonts and text size. You can also include your logo.


Kapwing is a simple, free, video editor. You can add text, emojis, watermarks, captions, labels, and more to your photos, videos and GIFs. You can also adjust the position, color, and timing of the text. Easy to use, you upload your media and click the "Add Text" button to insert your text overlay.

Want to See How Easy it is to Use Reduct?

Reduct is an intuitive tool that allows you to directly edit your videos by editing the text in the transcript. Beyond word-based video editing, our platform also makes video analysis, collaboration, and sharing easy for everybody. And when you need to do more advanced edits — like adding text overlays or special text animations — our platform integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple’s Final Cut Pro so you can create a polished video quickly and easily.

To learn more about our video editing features and see how you can build unique and engaging video narratives, get in touch with our team to start a free trial of Reduct.

Reduct removes the pain of working with video.

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