Create content in minutes, not hours

Transcribe interviews, clip out snackable videos & easily add subtitles. Leverage your customer testimonials, webinars, recordings, and virtual events for growth.

Create an endless stream of content from your interviews, event recordings and webinars.


Blog posts & articles

Translate one webinar or an interview into blogs, articles, emails, and more. Post them on your website and boost your SEO efforts with ease.

Short video snippets

Clip out 1-2 minute short video nuggets effortlessly and post them on your socials. Build a community around your brand.

Social media posts

Find impactful quotes, interesting anecdotes, and insights easily from the transcript. Share them as separate posts to spice up your content calendar.

"68% of people will happily watch a business video if it’s under a minute.


Find brilliant take-aways trapped in long recordings, as a team

Every moment of the video is paired with the transcript and editing the video is as easy as editing text.

Work collaboratively with your team to create, review clips and add comments.


Make your content accessible

Up to 85 percent of videos on social media are played with no sound. Subtitles can help your content become more accessible and cater to a wider audience.

Reduct offers variety of subtitle styles to choose from. Make sure your videos are always heard.

Reach more people without the extra work
Reduct for Marketing
Audio and video support
We support audio and video in almost any format you can imagine. mp4, mp3, mov, wav, aac, and beyond… we’re ready for it. Hundreds of recordings? Huge files? Footage that goes for weeks? Not a problem.
Up to 75GB filesize support on Advanced or Enterprise plans; 4GB on Standard.
Powerful search
With everything in Reduct transcribed, search lets you dig deep into your repository. Search in one recording, or all of them. Search for exact matches using quote marks, or use our powerful, NLP-powered fuzzy-search to find relevant ideas and phrases.
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Auto-captioning & caption styles
Turn them on or off. Burn them into videos. Export them. Pick your favorite style. Captions are always available.
Interactive transcript
Click on a word in the transcript—we’ll jump you right to that moment in that video. Selecting the text lets you select video. It’s like magic, but easier to use.
Reduct lets you edit video. You can assemble rough cuts in minutes, and share them in seconds. Just drag in highlights, tags, or full recordings. Then, drag and drop to reorder, and select text to strike it out.
Premiere Pro plugin
When you’re done assembling a rough cut in Reduct, turn it into Premiere Pro sequences with our extension, and keep working on your timeline. We use your original high quality source files, including multi-camera source sequences, letting you create polished results faster than ever.
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Realtime collaboration
Everything in Reduct happens in the browser, so everything is always in sync. Follow a colleague as they review a recording, or sort themes as a group in the videoboard. It all happens in real-time, so you’re always on the same page.
Title slides
Title slides help you introduce ideas and separate sections of your narrative. You can include a title and a subtitle, and match the timing to your story.
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Customer Success Story

When you've got a video of somebody talking or sharing a story, that's incredibly compelling. Reduct helps us leverage and utilize all the footage that we've got. We use Reduct to quicky put together different little reels and share compelling stories.


Rob Volpe , CEO at Ignite 360



Extend the life of your video content with Reduct

Repurpose your webinars, recordings, and interviews to create weeks' worth of content.