It’s a fully online collaborative video editor,
a stunningly accurate transcription service,
with powerful tools for synthesizing meaning,
wrapped in a sharable, searchable video archive,
all in a single easy-to-use platform.

Find ideas faster

Fast, accurate transcripts

Get accurate transcripts right away, and, when perfection matters, human transcripts overnight.

Ctrl + F for video

Locate moments within one recording, or across thousands of hours of content. Reduct’s powerful fuzzy search algorithm finds relevant phrases even when the words don’t match exactly.

Bring structure to your chaos

Highlight key moments, and tag to categorize them. Use tag groups when you need hierarchy, and powerful filters to reveal patterns.


Everything you need

Edit fast, edit furious

Drag-and-drop text into a reel to assemble a rough cut in minutes. Assembling clips from multiple recordings and projects lets you tell a stronger story.

Cut to the chase

Select and strikethrough text to skip tangents, hesitation, or filler. It’s as simple as editing a document.

Your library of babble

Reduct is a central store for all your recordings. It’s accessible, searchable, and secure.

Go further, together

Figure it out as a team

Highlight and tag recordings as a team, in real-time. Comment, mention teammates, and invite guests and commenters to keep everyone in sync.

Dimensionally flexible

Videoboard lets you spatially arrange clips on a two dimensional canvas — and hit play at any time. You can use it to storyboard, cluster similar moments, and make sense of hundreds of clips.

Reel in your audience

Share a clip with just a keypress—then paste into Slack, Teams, or anywhere else your audience spends time, in order to make an instant impact.

It works with how you work

Import Zoom cloud recordings, or from Youtube, Google Drive, Vimeo, with just a link.

Download or export in a snap. Want to include captions? It’s automatic, in several styles.

Need extra polish? We have a great Premiere extension, and powerful Final Cut export.

And so much more

Audio and video support
Reduct supports a wide range of audio-visual formats, and works just as well with audio files (MP3, WAV, etc) as with video (MP4, MOV, etc). We support practically any file format that your media content might be in, including some pretty obscure ones.
Zoom import
In addition to being able to upload video files directly, you can import recordings directly from Zoom, without having to download files first. You can also import video from Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Usertesting, and more, with just a link.
No filesize limits
Reduct doesn't impose limits on the sizes of files you can upload, or charge for storage. Video files can get pretty large (we've seen recordings several tens of gigabytes in size and several weeks in length), and our servers are ready for them.
Custom vocabulary
Working with footage where people or place names, or industry-specific jargon, are used? Provide "transcription hints" to help our algorithm or human transcribers get it right.
Immediate transcription
As soon as you upload or import your media into Reduct, it is transcribed using algorithms that recognize speech in the audio, and return text of what was spoken. This happens in multiple passes, increasing the accuracy each time, but you can begin working (e.g., highlighting key sections) right away, and things will sync up as transcript is replaced with a higher accuracy version.
Overnight human Tx
When accuracy is the priority, we offer human transcription, which boasts 99% accuracy, and is conducted overnight (within 24 hours). Begin working with the immediate draft transcription, and all of your highlights are synced with the improved transcript when it's ready.
HIPAA transcription option
In addition to our enterprise-grade security and GDPR compliance, Reduct is HIPAA compliant and certified, and we offer a HIPAA transcription option for customers who work in the healthcare space and for cases where PII is in play.
Speaker separation
Know who said what, when. Our speaker separation identifies who said what in a given recording, and labels the transcript appropriately. Rename a speaker to re-label every appearance they make.
Transcript correction
Wherever the transcription isn't entirely accurate, you can select text on the transcript and correct it. The newly corrected words and phrases will be re-aligned with your footage, and appear in captions.
Powerful search
All video in Reduct is transcribed and the full transcripts are searchable. Users can search for exact terms, or benefit from an NLP-powered "fuzzy" search, which will find relevant phrases even when the words don’t match exactly. Search within in a specific recording, in all recordings in a project, or across all of the recordings you have in Reduct, no matter how many different projects they are in.
Auto-captioning & caption styles
Captions are displayed in our interface, shown on share pages, can be rendered in any exported video, or exported as SRT files. We offer a variety of caption styles, from traditional movie subtitles to others that spotlight each word as it is spoken.
Playback speed control
Control how fast video plays, from 0.75x for when you need to slow things down, through 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x, for when efficiency is top of mind.
Interactive transcript
Transcripts in Reduct are paired with their associated video or audio content. This allows you to click on any word to play the footage from that location; selecting text on the transcript selects the appropriate period of time in the footage.
Reduct keeps track of things, so you don't have to. Always know which source recording a clip in a reel comes from, and go to the right moment with just one click; quickly see who highlighted it in the first place, and when.
Communication is core to collaboration. Members of your organization, whether their accounts have editor or commenter permissions, can add comments directly to highlights, and can @ mention others to draw their attention to the moment in question. Threads allow the discussion to flourish, and the work to move forward.
Unlimited commenters
Reduct users who are set to "commenters" have a login, but do not count as paid seats. Invite as many teammates, stakeholders, partners, or clients to view your content and leave comments, without worrying about hitting your quota or encountering unexpected costs.
Use tags to categorize your highlights, and to take a thematic approach to your synthesis. You can tag highlights directly from a recording, or as a secondary pass on existing highlights
Tag management
Our powerful tag management tools let you build up a catalog of moments. Stay on top of your tags, no matter if your process is deductive or inductive. Rename, merge, or delete them, add a description or synonyms, or group them to add some hierarchy. Import tags from other projects to ensure a shared language across your team.
The Videoboard is a digital canvas on which your material and your story come to life. It is a two-dimensional space onto which you can place Reduct Highlights, and arrange them on the board as desired. You can augment your canvas with basic frameworks, and you can label groups of Highlights or parts of frameworks with text. Combine the best of transcript-and-tag-based analysis with visual synthesis in the Videoboard. And of course, it's collaborative.
Multi-source reels
Reels in Reduct can be assembled with footage from multiple recordings, or even draw on content from different projects in your org.
Remove filler words or tangents as simply as editing a text document. Select transcript text in a reel and choose "cut," and the associated video will be skipped. Restore at any time.
Title slides
Add title slides to your reels to introduce ideas and separate sections in your narrative. Include a title and subtitle, and adjust timing to match your storytelling rhythm.
You can save files associated with a recording in Reduct, to keep related documents close to hand. Save a consent form or signed NDA with the interview recording, or photos and scans related to a piece of footage.
Extensive keyboard shortcuts
Reduct has been designed to let you to get into your flow, and has extensive support for keyboard shortcuts. Menu items show you which keys will trigger the action, so you can pick them up the ones you use most often, as you work.
Granular access permissions
Control who has access to what, so that only the right people have access to the content they are supposed to. Users can be Editors or Commenters, and can either have access to everything or specific projects. Additionally, projects can be set to "unlisted," so that only members of that project can see that it even exists.
We take the security of our customers and the people represented in their footage very seriously. We work with large organizations working in sensitive and heavily regulated industries, and know what it means to earn their trust. Learn more about our security practices [link].
Video footage often includes personally identifiable information, from participants' faces, to their name, to sensitive details captured during a screen-share. Reduct lets you redact PII, so that you can be responsible custodians of your participants' or subjects' information.
Realtime collaboration
Reduct is built for collaboration. Everything happens in the browser, and everything stays in sync between users. Follow a colleague as they review a recording; see other users' cursors as they interact with a Videoboard. Work synchronously or asynchronously, always confident that everybody is on the same page.
One-click sharing
Select text on a transcript, and it takes one click to generate a shareable link and copy it to your clipboard, ready for sending to colleagues in Slack or Teams, in an email, or dropping into a Zoom call chat. A reel is just as easy to share, so your work can reach hearts and minds.
High resolution output
You want your output to look as good as possible. Reduct supports exports of up to 4K resolution, so if you need sharp footage and crisp captions, we have you covered.
Export options
Download individual highlights or reels as video (mp4) or audio-only (wav). Download the transcript of recordings or reels in Word format, as well as the final output in high definition video, with a full suite of options around resolution and captions and caption styles.
Premiere Pro integration
Our Premiere Pro extensions turns your Reduct highlight reels into Premiere Pro sequences for polish and further editing. These sequences are created from your high quality source media files, including multi-camera source sequences.