It’s a fully online collaborative video editor,
a stunningly accurate transcription service,
with powerful tools for synthesizing meaning,
wrapped in a sharable, searchable video archive,
all in a single easy-to-use platform.

product background

Find ideas faster

Fast, accurate transcripts

Get accurate transcripts right away, and, when perfection matters, human transcripts overnight.

Ctrl + F for video

Locate moments within one recording, or across thousands of hours of content. Reduct’s powerful fuzzy search algorithm finds relevant phrases even when the words don’t match exactly.

Bring structure to your chaos

Highlight key moments, and tag to categorize them. Use tag groups when you need hierarchy, and powerful filters to reveal patterns.


Everything you need

Edit fast, edit furious

Drag-and-drop text into a reel to assemble a rough cut in minutes. Assembling clips from multiple recordings and projects lets you tell a stronger story.

Cut to the chase

Select and strikethrough text to skip tangents, hesitation, or filler. It’s as simple as editing a document.

Your library of babble

Reduct is a central store for all your recordings. It’s accessible, searchable, and secure.

Go further, together

Figure it out as a team

Highlight and tag recordings as a team, in real-time. Comment, mention teammates, and invite guests and commenters to keep everyone in sync.

Dimensionally flexible

Videoboard lets you spatially arrange clips on a two dimensional canvas — and hit play at any time. You can use it to storyboard, cluster similar moments, and make sense of hundreds of clips.

Reel in your audience

Share a clip with just a keypress—then paste into Slack, Teams, or anywhere else your audience spends time, in order to make an instant impact.

It works with how you work

Capture live Zoom, Meet, and Teams meetings, or import recordings from your favorite services.

Download or export in a snap. Want to include captions? It’s automatic, in several styles.

Need extra polish? We have a great Premiere extension, and powerful Final Cut export.

And so much more

Audio and video support
We support audio and video in almost any format you can imagine. mp4, mp3, mov, wav, aac… we’re ready for it.
Zoom and web import
Logging in with your Zoom account lets you save time uploading by importing your cloud recordings directly. Or, import from Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Usertesting and more, with just a link.
Live Meetings
Live Capture lets you bring Zoom, Google Meet and Teams calls into Reduct, as they happen. Your entire team can highlight and comment on the live transcript, and you can share clips and assemble reels as soon as the call ends.
Custom vocabulary
Sometimes, you might work with names or terms that are too obscure even for us. If you are using our human transcription, just tell us what those terms are, and our humans will do their utmost to get them right.
Immediate transcription
As soon as you add a recording file to Reduct, you’ll see text start appearing. Start working immediately.
Overnight human Tx
When you’ve got a particularly tough or important recording, we offer human transcription. It’s 99% accurate, and we do it overnight. You can still start working immediately with the computer transcript, and we’ll swap in the new text when it’s ready.
HIPAA transcription option
If you’re working with sensitive medical information or Protected Health Information (PHI), we offer HIPAA compliant and certified transcription and storage.
Speaker separation
Know who said what, when. We identify who said what in a recording, and label the transcript appropriately. Naming a speaker labels every phrase they say.
Transcript correction
We do our best to make transcripts accurate—but sometimes we miss. Select the error, hit “correct transcript,” and make a fix. Simple.
Powerful search
With all the video in Reduct transcribed, search lets you dig deep into your repository. Search in one recording, or all of them. Search exact matches using quote marks, or use our powerful, NLP-powered fuzzy-search to find relevant ideas and phrases.
Auto-captioning & caption styles
Turn them on or off. Burn them into videos. Export them. Pick your favorite style. Captions are always available.
Playback speed control
Maybe you’re a 1.25x person. Or a 1.75x person. (We won’t judge if you switch to 0.75x). Speed control lives right on the video.
Interactive transcript
Click on a word in the transcript—we’ll jump you right to that moment in that video. Selecting the text lets you select video. It’s like magic.
You can always see where a clip came from, or who made a highlight. When someone wants to know, “What did they say right before that?”, it’s just a click away.
Make notes, label an interesting moment, or @-mention a colleague to get their opinion. Yes, it works just like you're used to in Google Docs.
Use tags to categorize your highlights, making it easy to find key themes across your recordings.
Tag management
Sometimes you need a bring a little more structure to your chaos. Reduct has powerful tag groups, and you can even import them from other projects. Renaming, merging, adding descriptions and synonyms—it’s a robust tagging experience.
The Videoboard is a 2d digital canvas for your highlights. You can arrange your highlights, find patterns, add labels, and create sequences—and it’s all collaborative. We even provide frameworks like Venn diagrams or narrative structures. It’s the best way to do storyboarding. Or affinity mapping. Or just to see what’s in your data.
Reduct lets you edit video. You can make rough cuts in minutes, and share them in seconds. Just drag in highlights, tags, or full recordings. Then, drag and drop to reorder, and select text to strike it out.
Multi-language support
Reduct supports over 30 different languages, including French, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic.
When editing a Reel, you can more quickly get to the point by cutting digressions and filler. Just select text, and press “cut,” and it’ll be skipped in the video.
Title slides
Title slides help you introduce ideas and separate sections of your narrative. You can include a title and a subtitle, and match the timing to your story.
Have a signed consent form? Photos from a session? You can store them right on the relevant recording, so everything is in the same place.
Extensive keyboard shortcuts
We like to go fast. We’ve built keyboard shortcuts into the app, and we even show them inline—so you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard.
Granular access permissions
With hidden projects*, guests and comment-only users, you can be sure that only the right people have access to sensitive material.
* Enterprise feature
We take the security of our customers and the people represented in their footage very seriously. We’re GDPR compliant, SOC 2 Type II certified, and we work with large organizations in sensitive and heavily regulated industries.
Redaction *
Footage often includes sensitive information—names, faces, and that notification that popped up on a screen-share. Reduct lets you redact PII, and be a responsible custodian of your subjects’ information.
* Advanced and Enterprise feature
Realtime collaboration
Everything in Reduct happens in the browser, so everything is always in sync. Follow a colleague as they review a recording, or sort themes as a group in the videoboard. It all happens in real-time, so you’re always on the same page.
Premiere Pro integration
When you’re done with a rough cut, turn it into Premiere Pro sequences with our extension. We use your original high quality source files, including multi-camera source sequences, letting you make a polished result faster than ever.
Final Cut Pro XML export
Export an XML file of your reel, which is compatible with FCP, Davinci Resolve, Edius, and more.
One-click sharing *
When there’s a moment you want to share, just press “Share as reel.” A sharable link is already on your clipboard, ready to drop into Slack, Teams, or anywhere else.
* Not available on the Standard plan
High resolution output
High quality output makes you look better. We support sources up to 4k, and export at up to 1080p on the Standard plan, 4k for Advanced and Enterprise.
Export options *
Download highlights or reels as audio or video, with the caption style of your choice. Grab your highlights and tags as CSV for further analysis. Export transcripts as Word or SRT, or even as PDF and txt files formatted to meet legal and courtroom specifications.
* Court formatting options on Advanced and Enterprise plans only.

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