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How to Edit Zoom Recordings- Without Any Editing Experience

Learn two quick and easy ways to edit your Zoom recordings with no prior video editing experience. No software download required.

How to Create Video Snippets Instantly with Transcripts

Making video snippets in traditional video editors involves a lot of tedious cutting. We explain how to create video snippets instantly with interactive transcripts.

How to Add Captions to Video Automatically (+ Editing Shortcuts)

Adding captions to videos can be a time-consuming process if you use traditional methods. Reduct automatically adds captions to videos for you. Here's how.

Cloud-Based Video Editing Software to Simplify Video Production

Cloud-based video editing software makes collaborating on edits and sharing video projects easier than native tools. Learn about how to edit online in Reduct.

6 Easy Video Editors for Every Type of Video Project

Easy video editors make video editing accessible to anyone — but not all are equally "easy." Learn how to use our text-based online video editor, Reduct.

Combine Video Clips- Without Complex Video Editing Software

Learn how to combine video clips quickly and easily with Reduct, without the hassle and time-consuming process of traditional video editors.

How to Edit a Webinar (Even Without Video Editing Experience)

Editing and sharing webinar recordings help you reach a wider audience & enhance your brand presence. Our post explains how to edit a webinar recording.

Best Video Logging Software: Save Time with Transcripts

Video logging in traditional video editors can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Our post talks about our modern video logging software solution, Reduct.

How to Edit Video Fast: 5 Tips to Speed Up Video Editing

Editing video footage in timeline-based software can take hours upon hours of work. Our post explains how to edit video fast in our word-based editor, Reduct.

The Best Real-Time Collaborative Video Editor for Teams

Looking for a high-quality collaborativevideo editor? Check out how Reduct's video editing tools help your team to work together in real-time.

Online Video Editor - Edit Your Videos With a Transcript

Looking for an online video editor? In this post, we talk about Reduct's video editing tools and review several other tools to help you find the best match.

Video Text Editing: Easily and Accurately Edit Videos by Editing the Text

Editing large numbers of videos is challenging and time-consuming. Our post explains how our video text editing platform, Reduct.Video, speeds up editing.