Reinvent The Way You Take Meeting Notes Using Live Capture by Reduct

Upasana Pradhan
January 2023

Reinvent The Way You Take Meeting Notes Using Live Capture by Reduct

The success of any meeting depends on what you do before and after it.

Good pre-work about the agendas leads to shorter and more impactful conversations. Post meetings, proper meeting notes with insights and action points can help reduce the number of meetings required in the first place.

But trying to condense everything discussed in hour-long meetings is a drudgery, not to mention the to-dos that follow. 😮‍💨

Capture highlights of your meetings to make them successful

Not every minute of a meeting is productive. We need to extract the useful bits for archiving and sharing.

Some ways you can capture highlights effectively:

  1. Take thorough notes: During the meeting, take detailed notes of all critical points, action items, and decisions. These notes can serve as a reference for yourself and other attendees.

  2. Record the meeting: If you have permission, consider recording the session. The recording will allow you to revisit essential points and ensure you get everything.

  3. Use a visual tool: Visual tools like mind maps or diagrams can help capture the main points and ideas discussed during the meeting.

  4. Create a summary document: After the meeting, create a summary document that outlines the key points, action items, and decisions made. Share this document with all attendees to ensure everyone is on the same page.

What if there was a way to do all of these with no effort on your end?

Live Capture by Reduct does exactly that.

Live Capture by Reduct uses recent technologies like live transcription, note-taking bots for zoom , and video synthesis tools to reinvent the age-old practice of taking meeting minutes.

With the Reduct Bot taking notes for you,

  1. No one has to be the designated note-taker so everyone can participate in the discussion.

  2. You can focus on the things that matter, mark important points and walk out with clear action points.

  3. You don't need to wait hours after the meeting for the note-taker to edit and distribute the final notes.

  4. You can instantly get the highlights and the most crucial meeting minutes.


Stay on top of what you discuss in the meeting

Reduct's Live Capture automatically transcribes what is being spoken in real-time, so you don't miss out on anything important discussed in a meeting ever again.

All you need to do is invite our bot to the meeting by pasting the zoom/teams/google-meet meeting link on our live capture tool.

As people start talking, the bot will transcribe the conversation in real time. The transcription is dynamic, you can use it to record conversations, take notes, and share them instantaneously with attendees even before the meeting ends.

No detail will ever get lost or forgotten. The entire team can work together to highlight their action items in real-time.

This means no more frantic typing or trying to remember who said what, invite people to the time-synced transcript just like you would invite someone to collaborate on a Google Doc.

Maximize the time for getting work done

Live Capture can help you get the most important highlights of your call right after you finish a meeting. You can always go back and review your recording with the transcript.

When you have transcripts from multiple meetings, you can also use Reduct’s advanced video synthesis tools to create reels from clips that span recordings uploaded over months or years, all stored in our collaborative and secure cloud based platform.

Focus on your meetings, not your notes.

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