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Securely redact your audio and video, protect privacy and share stories responsibly.

Introducing "Secure Blur" - Redact Videos Safely and Aesthetically

Discover 'Secure blur,' a more secure redaction method developed by Reduct addressing concerns over the insecurity of blurring and pixelation.

Blur Faces in Videos Online: 3 Simple Steps

Discover how to easily blur faces in videos with Reduct in just 3 steps. Protect privacy and share stories responsibly.

Mastering Video Redaction: 5 Best Practices

Discover the essential strategies for effective video redaction. Maintain compliance and stay ahead with these 5 expert practices.

5 Best Redaction Software and Tools for Video in 2024

Discover the best redaction software options to protect sensitive information in your videos and audio. Stay compliant and secure with ease in 2024.

An Overview of Video Redaction- A Comprehensive Guide

Learn about redaction, and how you can hide sensitive information in audio and visual content in 3 quick steps with Reduct, a text-based video editing tool.

How to Blur PII in Google Meet Recordings? 3 Easy Steps

Easily blur Google Meet sessions using Reduct’s three easy steps for enhanced privacy and security in your recordings.

Blurring Faces: What It is and How to Do It? 3 Easy Steps!

Explore the importance of face-blurring to safeguard privacy in videos. Learn how to blur faces in 3 easy steps with Reduct's text-based video editing.

How to Blur Faces in YouTube Videos? 3 Easy Steps

Reduct's blurring technique offers top-notch participant confidentiality in your YouTube videos, saving you both time and effort.

4 Things to Avoid When Redacting Your Documents

Discover the top mistakes to avoid in document redaction. Avoid common mistakes & protect sensitive data effectively with expert tips.

Redaction Failures: Risk of Mishandling Sensitive Information

Everything you need to know about Legal Transcription: Process, Benefits, and Best Practices. Get started today and enhance your legal workflow!

Audio Redaction Software - Redact PII from Audio in 3 Easy Steps

Protect sensitive data with our audio redaction software. Step-by-step instructions and real-world use cases.

Redact Sensitive Information from Zoom Recordings- 4 Easy Steps

With Reduct's video redaction feature, you have the power to selectively remove or obscure any sensitive video content from your Zoom recordings.